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Jumeirah Village Triangle Color-Coded Map 2016

Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) is a freehold community located between Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road (E311) and Al Khail Road in Dubai. It is 30 minutes from the Dubai International Airport and 15 minutes to the beach or Marina area.

This site is for storytelling. I will share my stories about living in JVT and I hope others will too.

The site has also been created to give  residents a place to share and easily access information about living in JVT. Feel free to send me your suggestions on what to include.

Sign-up to follow new posts. Make the community a great place to live – share and post information to this site.

Looking forward to seeing many JVT residents on-line.

– Lee

(Note: this site is not related to the Master Developer, Nakheel.)

62 thoughts on “Welcome !

  1. Dear JVT residents,
    Our Peacock has gone missing yesterday from district 9K. If you spot an Asian blue peacock please do inform me. Any help would be highly appreciated.

  2. Hi,

    My wife and I are looking at moving to a quieter and larger space.. (we currently live in dubai marina). We were looking at the 2 bed villas with the large gardens. I was wondering what the water bills are roughly for watering the gardens? Also, I am seeing a lot of comments regarding the AC costing around 2500p/m. Given that the average rental for one of these villas is about 140-150,000 per year, it works out around 6,250 each not including bills. Is there anyone living in these villas who could advise their average monthly bills for the 2 bed villas?


    • Hi. We live in a 2 bed villa. Our average DEWA bill is 1900 in summer and 900 in winter. It depends on your watering patterns and A/C usage for sure. We did have a leak once it that more than doubled our bill in the summer! We keep our A/C at 26 or 27 except at night in the bedrooms where we set it between 23 and 24. We replaced all the high-consumption ceiling lights with energry efficient ones as there are quite alot in every room. It’s also important to service the A/C regularly to keep it functioning at optimal rates. Finally, we never use a clothing dryer – that likely makes a difference. It really depends on your consumption patterns when it comes down to the amount of the water and electricity bills.

  3. Hello, we are considering to move to jet. we are looking 2 bed villa in jvt directly from landlord. Any suggestion how to find it? Thank in advance for any suggestions.

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