Welcome !

Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) is a freehold community located between Emirates Road and Al Khail Road in Dubai. It is 30 minutes from the Dubai International Airport and 15 minutes to the beach or Marina area.

This site is for storytelling. I will share my stories about living in JVT and I hope others will too.

The site has also been created to give  residents a place to share and easily access information about living in JVT. Feel free to send me your suggestions on what to include.

Sign-up to follow new posts. Make the community a great place to live – share and post information to this site.

Looking forward to seeing many JVT residents on-line.

– Lee

40 thoughts on “Welcome !

    • Thanks Mahabir. I’m glad you like my blog. I try to keep adding useful information on a regular basis. There is alot going on in the community, so feel free to send me any new events or activities you hear about for posting ! – Lee

      • Hi my name is Luis I’m also a resident in JVT I’m sorry for replying but in fact i need help in trying to solve some recent issues that I’m having with my villa and I’m facing a few issues with the agent (agency) in charge of the renewal contract , so please can u “point” me the right group or person that can help me with this , i appreciate .

        My phone is 0551843456
        Thanks BR

      • I suggest that you post your question to the various JVT Facebook pages as this site is intended to post useful info but is not really a forum for discussions.

        You’ll get lots of advice from helpful residents on Fbook.

  1. Hi, I’m new to JVT and I was wondering what would be the best way to get to Media City, I keep getting lost and I was wondering if someone can solve this for me

    • Dear Alaa,

      Welcome to JVT. The most direct access, in my opinion, is to exit via Springs next to Choithrams. (Turn left, right and right to get onto Al Asayel Street. Go under the bridge and turn left onto Al Khamila Street. Continue straight until the intersection for the Greens. Turn left and go straight over the bridge that crosses above Sheikh Zayed Road. You are then entering into Internet City. At that first light, turn left and you’ll be heading into Media City from the backside. Good luck !

  2. I am a tenant in JVT. I would not recommend JVT to any tenant candidates. first off, the construction never ends here. (need to wake up 7:00 AM in the morning with a lot of noise giving you headache until the day ends.), second, the owner might ask you to leave at any time because either he will sell or add 2 more bedrooms (that means construction noise to neighbours), third, you will pay a lot of money to DEWA. (more than 2500 AED per month)
    It just does not worth it to live in JV and stay away.

    • Dear fellow neighbor. I would wish to comment that I have never paid more than 1,200 AED for DEWA. You must have a leak in your irrigation system or need to change your light bulbs to more efficient models. The houses are full of high consumption halogen lights in all the ceilings !

      Secondly, your point about the owner asking you to leave is unfortunately common place all throughout Dubai and not at all related exclusively to JVT. It’s unfortunate but the way of the world. Greedy people always want to make more money. However, nowadays, RERA has put into place much more effective rules to combat this practice. You should stand up for your rights. We did for 4 years (in another community) and the landlord always backed down.

      Lastly, construction is also a Dubai plight. I could cite hundreds of examples of places perpetually ‘under construction’ or people who have bought homes on what they thought were tranquil streets only to wake up to a four or six lane highway outside their door. Your only option is to make sure you rent something that is smack in the middle of many other completed villas. Although even that might not save you from being evicted, look at the example in Jebel Ali Village. Although I hear that now some three or four years later they are patching up the empty homes and putting them back on the rental market. Maybe you should consider going there?!

      Good luck.

      • I have a friend here as well. He is paying over 2000 AED DEWA as well. Please attach your DEWA bill here. I will attach mine. I think, you live in 1 bedroom small townhouse!.
        Construction might happen but also should let us to sleep. They start at 7:00 making noise. After 9:00 no more noise!!! Anyways, whatever I say will not make any difference. We have to take whatever comes up.

  3. Dear JVT residence

    Does anyone have an idea about the progress of the gated fence around the community? And what are Nakheel plans for the empty plots? Is there any new parks or services?

  4. Am wondering why no one is complaining regarding closing the street between Jvt and jumairah park that street the shortest way to springs and spinneys. It’s a very important road taking us out of Jvt. They closed the street more than 3 months without any other option and without fixing the exit to Choitram. Very unprofessional way just can’t believe or understand closing main gate without reasonable alternative. Really u succeed to change my Mind to buy in Jvt or Jvc or all Nakeel projects . Thanks

  5. Hello All,

    I am new to JVT and my DEWA bill has never been less than AED 2,500. and mainly it was from electricity. I have claimed this to DEWA, they came and checked the meter and it was fine. Is there any advise that you can share it with me to reduce electricity bill? knowing that i am using only two AC’s at the temperature of 24. I have heard about something called fresh air system, would that be the reason? and if i turn it off would that be of a good help to reduce the bill? thanks, Ibrahim

  6. Hello,

    1- Nice blog.
    2- I am considering moving to JVT in January and wanted an honest opinion. I am thinking of moving into a 2 BR townhouse due to the bigger size of the second floor and will be living with my lovely wife and our newborn.

    Any advise to share while i search for a townhouse? Specific cluster? Far from constructions and high voltage area? Relatively developed comnity?



    • Hi Gabriel,

      Here is my advice. Indeed, the layout of the second floor of the town house makes them more spacious and I know of many people that have made a small child’s room on the landing. Indeed, the best advice is to be away from the high-voltage lines. Also, I would recommend looking for a place that is not on one of the main roads. There will be less traffic on the inner roads within each district. The Districts are labelled by number and then by letter. It is nice to be close to the main park that cuts all the way through JVT as it’s a nice spot to walk. Being closer to the Al Khail Road exit is good for easy in and out of the community. Also, there is a nice supermarket and coffee shop in the Limitless Building at that end of the community. Hope that helps!

  7. Hye.
    Nice blog.
    I am a resident of district 4D. I would like to know how can I make bookings to be able to use the tennis court.

  8. Hi to everybody,

    I am new in Imperial Residence Bldg., apartment is watching on pool and playground, but still huge noise is coming from Al Khail road. Any idea if sound barrier will be build along Al Khail road? Or any suggestion how to reduce noise level.


  9. I enjoy living at JVT its quiet, good neighbors etc and good access to main roads despite the latest ongoing closure through JP. One thing I would like to say and that is since the cooler weather is among us and many dog walkers are routinely circulating their pets around an area of waste land just down past Z8 near the unfinished park. What I am seeing is a steady build-up of excrement that given the general level of reaction times by the curators will continue to increase. This patch of land is already being routinely dumped on and this added health hazard is really quite selfish. I would ask all of these dog walkers to please think of people who are now walking around this area. I am also now seeing dog fecal matter on the pavements. Do us all a favor please and dispose of this in a responsible way, nobody is coming to clean it up!!!…except you!

  10. Hi we r thinking of moving to jvt in March end. Right now I’m living in apartment. So security wise it’s just grt. Wanted to know what s the security system in jvt? Is that area fully secure ?

    • Hi there ! The area is very safe in my opinion but it is not yet a truly gated community. However, this is supposed to be the case at some point in time. There is a security company that is present in JVT and patrols the neighborhood regularly.

  11. hi there – thanks for the website, we use it often

    i’m a resident in district 5. There has been a few occasions recently when someone nearby has taken to playing extremely loud music (presumably in their garden) late at night, usually about midnight. Does anyone know who this is, or what can be done about it. I have walked around trying to find the [person] but have had no luck.

    I don’t understand how one person can be so rude to spoil the peace of an entire neighbourhood. I feel so sorry for the people who live closer … than i do.

    • Thank you for your comment. I am glad you are using the site. I’m just a resident like you and started the site to help people access information about living in JVT. Sorry to hear about the noise issues you have. I hope you’ll find the person and be able to correct the situation. You should consider calling the police in my opinion if this is a regular occurence.

  12. Hi,

    My wife and I are looking to move to Dubai and one area we are particularly interested in is JVT. Can anyone advise whether there is any vacant 3 or 4 bed villas? Also, can someone give us a guide as to the cost of rent and utilities?

    This is much appreciated.



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