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There are now plenty of Facebook groups and pages dedicated to making connections and sharing information between JVT residents.

If you’re looking to get instant advice on living in the community, these are the places to go !

Jumeirah Village Triangle Residents  
Jumeirah Village Triangle 
JVT Pet Owners, click to join this group.
JVT Kitty Welfare Group, click here.

Moms & Tots Join the Facebook group to participate
Friendly Football matches Facebook group
JVT Pilates Facebook group.

Want to follow the JVC Community website? click here.

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10 thoughts on “Other JVT blogs and Facebook groups

  1. We have recently moved to JVT district1, would like to express our thanks to the security team & neighbors for their support during our renovation work at villa.
    And another major service from KABCO http://www.kabcogroup.com/ +971 50 219 7300 from internal maintenance: cleaning, painting, AC, plumbing, wood works and landscaping work completed in a month.
    Cheers to Baqir & Asad brothers for their reasonable pricing quotes, community understanding & guidance (soon will post the pictures before & after). Wish them a good luck in their community works.


  2. Am I correct in believing there are two new schools opening in JVT, next year, both within 200 meters of each other?
    As current resident I fear for a traffic chaos this will result in.


    • Hi Marwa.
      Indeed, there are 2 schools being built. One near Milestone and the other at the far end of the main park. I believe what you are referring to is the land next to the so-called ‘lake’. According to the sign posting, that land is currently being used as a storage site for the new school on the small plot across the street.

      The school management will be writing a post for my blog in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


      • Hi,
        One is Sunmarke (the old Regent International School) the other is Arcadia. I’ve seen both plots at the end of the park, they are 200m apart. I’m dreading them opening.


      • Thanks for the info on Sunmarke school. I knew about Arcadia but when they first started the construction the sign posting said they were using the adjoining plot for storage. Indeed, it will be a busy corner with two schools!!


      • Dear Marwa

        Thanks for your messages to the JVT blog.

        I have spoken to the primary school, Arcadia. They are opening progressively over the coming years and will have only 4 classes per grade year with 25 kids per class. That is 100 children per grade up to year 4. They will not be at full capacity in the first few years. They are also looking at the traffic flow to minimize congestion. I will be posting my interview with the school tomorrow.

        Furthermore, the other school you spoke about is located all the way across JVT next to Limitless Building as per the map on their website. Therefore, I don’t see reason for panic. The neighborhood master plan always included schools. I think this is excellent news for the community and will certainly make alot of parents happy. It will also be a good thing for property values.

        Thanks for pointing out the traffic concerns nevertheless as I do think this is something that schools always neglect to take into account as one can witness outside most schools in Dubai at pick up and drop off time! Let’s hope these two schools find a good solution.

        Read interview with the school administration here:


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