Tennis Court Bookings

Tennis Court Locations:

Court 1                 District 5
Court 2                 District 8
Court 3                 District center strip WEST
Court 4                 District center strip EAST
Court 5                 District 9

How to Book a Tennis Court:

Active Sports have the mandate from Nakheel to manage the tennis court booking system. You must register via their Online Court Booking system.

The rules are:

-Court bookings up to max 7 days in advance only
-One reservation only, you can book again as soon as reservation time is over
-One bookings account per household only
-Residents may only book Sports Courts within the community in which they reside.

To be able to book the Sports Courts you need to create an account:

  1. Click HERE to register an account with the online booking system
  2. Please allow a few days for the system to clarify that the applicant is a community resident.
  3. You will then be notified that your account is active and ready to take bookings.

For booking Football fields or Cricket Grounds, tournaments or events, please contact Active Sports with your requests:

Looking for a tennis buddy: Click here !