Contractors for Villa Extensions

In the last year, many homeowners have extended their villas by adding one, two or three new rooms. From many walks in the neighborhood, I have seen lots of different designs including extensions out into the garden to new rooms over the garage.

If you wish to share your design or your experience with your contractor, please do so through our community pages. I will post testimonials from homeowners who are willing to give their contact details to provide a reference for their contractor.


Recently extended my villa by adding one more room in the terrace, I had engaged a contractor SBN Contracting LLC to construct the room. The contractor did a very good job and completed the room in very short time.

You can contact  Debasish Dhar via email for more information on this contractor. See the work done at JVT D-7, Block D, St 9, Villa 8

Last Updated: 3 Feb 2016