New to Dubai?


Here are some helpful resources if you are new to JVT and new to Dubai !

All the important UAE Emergency Numbers Whether you need to report a crime, call for an ambulance, indicate a road accident, notify about a burst pipe, report abuse or get a flight update, all the key phone numbers are here.

App to Report a Crime

Keep Your Emergency Contacts in Wallet & Accessible Important when living abroad !

Visa Process    FastPRO ( is a new mobile application created by a JVT resident! This app can be used to process family visas, maid visas, tourist visas and more.

List of Basic Rights in the UAE, from wills, marriage, drinking to working

The Penal Law – penalties

The Three Labour Decrees (effective 1 Jan 2016)

UAE Labour Law: Payment of Wages

UAE Labour Law: Annual Leave

UAE Labour Law: Termination of Contracts

UAE Labour Law: Payment of Gratuity

Resign from your Job the Right Way – notice period explained

Getting a bank account

Apply for your Emirates ID

Important: Write & File your Will

Renting in Dubai: What You Need to Know

RERA Rental Law

Terminating your Tenancy Contract

How to Find the Best School?

Checklist to enroll kids in school

Dubai Health Insurance – All you need to know

Penalty for Traffic Offenses

How to Hail a Taxi

RTA parking system explained

Bus Routes and Timetables 

Top indoor activities for kids

We hope you’ve chosen to live in JVT, but in case you want to explore other options:

Most Expensive places to stay in Dubai
Cheapest Rental areas in Dubai

*The above links take you to the Gulf News Guides on living in the UAE.


3 thoughts on “New to Dubai?

  1. Any updates on whether there is a shuttle bus service, or an RTA stop in JVT? Tbh that’s the only reason I am hesitating from getting an apartment in JVT.. the area and the apartments are gorgeous


  2. Hi are there any places to swim in JVT free of charge? Or, any local clubs where we can work out or swim? This would tip the balance whether we live in JVT or Springs.


    • Hi Patel,

      Unfortunately there are no community pools in JVT. However, residents get a special rate at the Jumeirah Islands clubhouse. In addition to a beautiful pool, there is a restaurant, bar, gym and beauty saloon. It’s just a 5 minute drive.


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