Arcadia is Open for Admission for FS1 – Year 6

Children everywhere are getting ready to head back to school. Parents in JVT are lucky to have great school options!

Our neighborhood school, the Arcadia Preparatory School, is an excellent choice giving parents peace of mind.  Tuition is inclusive of after-school activities, uniform, textbooks or in-school homework support!  Click below to learn more about all they have to offer.

Arcadia Admissions Campaign-02.jpg


After school classes in JVT. Let’s get moving!

It’s that time again – summer vacation is over and we are dressing children in their school uniforms. The regular routine is starting again. I expect many parents are thinking about how to keep their kids busy after school and expose them to new ideas and build new skills. Rest assured, once again there are a great number of fun activities to try right here in JVT thanks to an excellent line up at Sunmarke school. Kudos to Elaine Baille for her great line up of after school activities!



I am happy to share my favorites below for which you can find all the details on the JVT community website by clicking here! There are many more activities as well that are hosted by residents. You can find these by browsing the same Activities page.

Energy expending classes top my list as youngsters really need to get out some pent up energy before bed!  Why not try the new soccer classes on offer by FCBEscola or the AC Milan Academy. Not only will your kids learn the skill of the game, they also gain many great life skills by participating in an organized team sport.

For individual sports, Judo and Taekwondo are amazing ways to get fit, increase flexibility and build mental strength as well. Get in touch with our great friends at Budo Juku who are running classes again this year at Sunmarke.

Shotokan Karate is also on offer right here in JVT with expert Sensei and former UK champion, Alex Gardner. Karate is another great means of self-defense and teaches respect, builds self-esteem and fosters confidence. Here is a short article on the difference between the three disciplines. Visit the Gulf Star website for more info. 

If dancing is your thing, you are in luck! The Shiamak Dance Workshop is now starting in JVT on Tuesdays – Thursday for children, juniors and adults. Their classes are a great means of self expression and a fun way to expend a lot of energy. You might find me at their Bollywood dance class! Check out their website to know more.

And there’s more to come. Swim classes, chess club and language classes in French, Spanish and Russian from qualifed teachers are all available right here in JVT. Details will be posted on the JVT website in the coming days. You can also get take many different home exercise classes on offer by some local residents. Check out the listing to view all the options.

PS – If you’ve got a home or group activity going that is not listed, get in touch! We are happy to mention any activities hosted by residents for free. Let’s get moving JVT!

Neighborhood carolers

In case you missed the singing tonight in JVT, here is a picture of the neighborhood carolers who did a lovely rendition of Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and many other seasonal favorites.

Thanks for knocking on our door to spread your cheer!


‘Witch’ houses to hit for Halloween 2016?

Thanks to all the community for responding to my request about Halloween. We’ve been able to compile a nice listing so all the kids will know where to knock for ‘trick-or-treat’.

Be sure to leave your lights on and maybe hang a decoration or two. If you’d prefer not to be visited by any witches or goblins, it would surely be wise to post a note on your front door.


Send some photos of your night out that can be posted on the JVT community blog!

Or let us know which house you thought had done the best decorations.

Playtime in the JVT Parks

The weather is gorgeous in Dubai and the JVT Parks are ready for action. All the parks now have sun coverings so kids will be able to enjoy the swings and slides for longer. It’s time to get your kids out to the nearby jungle gym and enjoy some physical activity. Or take your kids to the park in a different neighborhood and make some new friends! Below is a photo run-down of the JVT playgrounds. Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

District One:


District Two: (note the lovely open gazebo)


District Three:


District Four: 


District Five: 



District 5 Tennis Courts

District Six: 

Our smallest district in the village, I couldn’t find a playground here 😦

District Seven:


District Eight: 


At play in the early evening


District 8 Tennis Courts

District Nine:  the last and possibly most spread out district gets two play areas!


Near blocks 9D & 9E


District 9 Tennis Courts – near blocks D & E


This one is near Near 9N

Release your kids pent-up energy with boxing classes in JVT

Always trying to keep the JVT community informed, I’ve uncovered some more new classes starting soon. I’m thrilled to give you the scoop and hope to throw a few punches myself when the adult training starts.

UBox was started by a group of individuals who saw a gap in the children’s physical activity segment here in Dubai. Having a team from the UK, they think it’s important to have fun while getting fit. Instilling discipline will also surely give students a great tool to succeed both academically and physically.  Their well thought out programme will encourage children to not just learn how to box, but work in teams, build trust, respect each other and do it all with a smile 🙂

When I spoke to Usman at UBox, he explained why they wanted to offer classes in JVT. “We understand that JVT is a new community and we’d like to give the community options for an activity which is just down the road! We decided to start operations at Arcadia School first where we can partner with Gulf Star Sports, who are a reputable and trusted extracurricular student activity specialist.”


Boxes classes will be starting on Friday 28th October:

·         Ages 8-10 @10am

·         Ages 11-13 @12pm

·         Ages 14-16 @2pm

Classes cost 95 dirhams per session for a 4-week booking, with a discount for booking a 6-week block. There is potential to also hold sessions on Saturdays if the interest exceeds their expectations. Parent classes will be launched before the end of the year. Now, that sounds like a great plan to me !

Ready to sign your kids up? Click here for the on-line registration form

Questions?  Get in touch with UBox on +971 56 879 5571 / or visit their website.


Training session