How does your garden grow?

It’s harvest season in Dubai and I’d love to hear from residents about the results of their gardening efforts this year in JVT.

In my small garden, I have had the most luck growing capsicum and tomato plants.

What did you grow?



Are you a gardening buff?

Gardening in the desert conditions of the UAE is challenging to most. Sharing your experience on which vegetables grow best and which trees are well suited to flourish here in Dubai can help others to cultivate their green spaces.

> Do you have a green thumb?

> Do you know how to splice and duplicate plants through root division?

Start a gardening club to exchange tips on how to grow succulent vegetables.

> Have you experimented with vertical gardening?

Tell others your story.

> Wish to barter seeds or seedlings?

Post your offer.

Send us your suggestions through the Contact Us page and I’ll post all gardening related comments.