No more honey wagons in JVT

You may have noticed that the unsightly sewage trucks have stopped passing through JVT on their way to offload the waste from Jumeirah Park. poopoo-truckNakheel, the master developer has confirmed to the JVT Community blog that a new route has been negotiated with the authorities to get these trucks off our roads. We should no longer catch a glimpse of the orange vehicles cruising along Tulip or Orchid Streets.

While disposal of Jumeirah Park sewage continues at the far end of our community, just outside the JVT limits, Nakheel has also taken the initiative to ensure that half of these trucks are diverted to another dumping location. Therefore, fewer tankers will actually be accessing that temporary disposal site.

I was informed by a company spokesperson that Nakheel is currently in the process of appointing a contractor to build a pipeline that will carry sewage directly from Jumeirah Park to the sewage treatment plant, ending the need to use the disposal point at the edge of the JVT community in the future.  This should be completed in 2017 giving residents the long-term solution we would expect.

After a few residents brought this issue to the attention of the blog, we actively sollicited information on the solutions to this problem from Nakheel. We will do our best to bring residents more updates on community infrastructure.

Photo credit: Zarina Fernandes/Gulf News from original article in Gulf News on 30 July 2016