Our community soccer champs – Meet the team from AC Milan

Are you a soccer champ too?

I’ll admit – I’m not much of a sports buff. As I spend most days tied to my chair in front of a computer, I do try to be physically active once a day. Either a 30-minute walk or swim is my daily dose; that’s usually as much as I can fit into my schedule. I don’t care to watch others play sports either, but I do admire those who commit themselves to a sporting career. The great ones have such passion and drive. (I have that too, just for other things!)

Graziano Mannari – former professional player

I recently got the chance to meet one such individual. I sat down with Graziano Mannari, a former AC Milan player and Champions League winner, to learn that he and his team are working hard to activate our Villagers and get us and our kids moving! He is heading up the AC Milan Soccer School Dubai, one of 19 affiliated clubs worldwide. Overall, these clubs train some 9,000 children with 170 coaches across all continents. Graziano has been Head Coach at AC Milan Academies in Italy, Lithuania, Japan, Singapore and now Dubai. He has brought together a team of professional UEFA and AC Milan qualified coaches to work with kids in Dubai. It’s exciting to know that they have chosen JVT and Sunmarke school as one of their prime venues.


AC Milan Soccer School Dubai

At the AC Milan Academy, they focus on the growth and development of boys and girls aged 4 to 16 with their accredited program at Sunmarke school. Besides the training and skills development carried out according to the AC Milan Methodology, the club’s boys and girls participate in international and local leagues and tournaments, can attend training at AC Milan Youth HQ in Milan, overseen by AC Milan Staff and are invited to participate in the AC Milan Cup, AC Milan Clinic and the AC Milan Experience. Pretty cool stuff.

Giving Back

What I enjoyed most when chatting with Graziano was that he sees soccer as so much more than just a game. He and his team aim to not only teach kids to play soccer, and play well, but also to deliver important life skills. He believes deeply in using sport to promote good values and shape intelligent, caring individuals. He is a truly caring citizen. He’s also a hidden community angel, working with Dubai’s Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation to ensure that minor children who have lost one or both parents get the chance to participate in the AC Milan Soccer School Academy too.  It seems to me that Graziano is surely not in it for the money or the fame – he truly has the well-being of all children at heart. And this is what sets AC Milan Soccer School apart from the pack!

Sign up and join the fun!

If you’re interested to enroll your girls & boys with the AC Milan Soccer School Dubai, or maybe help organize a community soccer event, contact them by:
email: info@acmilansoccerschool-dubai.ae or Tel: 0562469100
Visit their website for more details.

Current Schedule at Sunmarke School:

  • Wednesday at 4.30-6pm
  • Friday at 4.30-6pm   and   6-7.30pm
  • Saturday at 9-10.30am   and   10.30am-12pm

Secondary school student brings speedcubing rage to JVT

Francisco Hamlin, a Year 12 student at Sunmarke school, was the brains behind the recent Emirates Open Speedcubing competition hosted by the World Cube Association. Not only did he instigate and organize the day long event, he was an avid competitor himself.

Our local restaurants, Noa’s Delices and Forni, were on hand to keep everyone’s thirst quenched and bellies full as they went through both lunch and dinner in the school gymnasium. The winners out of 102 registered participants were crowned late in the day on Saturday, 14th January.

The winners of the each category were:

  • 3x3x3: Fransisco Hamlin (Sunmarke School) Best Overall score – 9.4 secs
  • 2x2x2: Fransisco Hamlin (Sunmarke School) Best Overall Score – 2.26
  • 4x4x4: Fransisco Hamlin (Sunmarke School) Best Overall Score – 8.79
  • 5x5x5: Fransisco Hamlin (Sunmarke School) Best Overall Score – 8.79
  • 3x3x3 One-handed: Fransisco Hamlin (Sunmarke School) Best Overall Score – 13.15
  • 3x3x3 Blind-folded:Mayur Ukey Best (Dubai based School) Overall Score – 02.32.2

The action-packed day was concluded with an awards ceremony where all participants received an official certificate from the Emirates Open 2017 sponsors.

Have a look at some pictures I took on the day:

Check out all the amazing videos on the Sunmarke school’s Facebook page. Here is one that demonstrates all the skill and dexterity needed to become a master at speedcubing.