Exit to Al Khail Road now open ! !

Happy National Day to UAE residents and citizens alike !

Yesterday, for the first time,  we were able to access Al Khail Road in a safe manner. It felt like an early National Day present to all those living in JVT! You no longer need to pass over the gravel path and exit through the back gate cutting across sand and treacherous ditches. The access road to reach Al Khail is open and it’s a smooth ride that now takes you out of JVT. Once out, you can either immediately move over into the left hand lane to enter the round-about and circle back to take Al Khail road toward Dubai. Or you can access Emirates Road in either direction for Dubai or Abu Dhabi. 

As today is National Day, one must admire and reflect upon the amazing growth of the UAE and particularly on the incredible feats pulled off by Dubai. While some of us may grumble about the road-works and various other inconveniences associated with rapid growth, you must nevertheless appreciate and marvel at the impressive infrastructure of this great city. 

Of course, we still eagerly await more improvements such as the opening of the u-turn access on the Al Khail round-about that will allow travelers from Abu Dhabi to turn around and return on Emirates Road to access the JVT main gate. Easier access to the Springs road (Hessa street) would be nice as well. With luck, maybe one of those will be our New Year’s gift from Nakheel !

Happy Driving and stay safe on National Day.



2 thoughts on “Exit to Al Khail Road now open ! !

    • Hi Diana,

      It’s not sign-posted, but when you exit on the Al Khail side of JVT, before you take left turn to reach the guard post (which then takes you to Springs Choithram), there is now an open right turn. The road make a fork now at that junction. If you follow the road to the right, it will drop you right onto Al Khail Road before the round-about. Give it a try, and good luck !


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