Photo Call to Spruce Things Up

Hello JVT Community,

It’s time to improve upon the look, feel and content of this community website.

I’ve already taken a first step and convinced two fellow JVTers to contribute to this blog. Together, we’ll be unearthing some interesting facts, little known information and just overall fun things that people are organizing in the community. We intend to start a ‘reviews’ section and will provide you our unbiased thoughts about local, nearby establishments such as restaurants, shops, great reads and innovative products that local residents have come across. We also plan to interview some people that call JVT home or work for us in the community – a ‘meet’ the neighbors feature to learn more about what others are doing. So stay tuned for stories from our very own Mrs. Moneypenny and Tessa.

We’d also like to give a new look and feel to the site. To this end, we’re putting out this call today for photographs.  Who can rival the great photos taken by pilot Karim Nafatni shared on our community Facebook page? Send us your photos of JVT in the ‘olden days’, an unusual shot, a sunset or sunrise (if you’re that type of person) or even your own attempt at an aerial view! The choice is yours. Select one of your photos that best represents life in JVT from your perspective and send* it to us before 28th June ( The winning photo will be featured on the home page of a newly designed site coming this September.

We hope to keep improving the blog and look to you, our readers, to tell us what else might add to your experience when you visit the site.

Thanks !

— Lee

* By sending any photo, you authorize the website to publish the provided photograph. Photos will not be used for commercial purposes but only to enhance the visual appeal of the aforementioned site, a blog to exchange information and foster a positive community spirit.

A few of Karim’s photos of Dubai for inspiration: (click to enlarge)

image of marina2   image of marina3 image of marina4


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