Tragedy in JVT

New Update: Gulf News posts another story on the fire.

Update: Gulf News now confirms the tragic death of one worker who jumped from a fifth floor perch. Many JVT residents will  light a candle this evening in memory. Please join in.

Original Story: Just days after Nakheel issued a notice to residents that the road in front of the Tameer building beside Limitless will be closed due to tower crane dismantling by the contractor, a terrible fire errupted in one of the two Tameer towers. As smoke billowed out of the top floor windows this afternoon, workers who were trying to get to safety could be seen huddled on unfinished and dangerous balconies waving to be rescued. It appears that one man may have fallen to his death after trying to climb down from a top floor (unconfirmed reports from JVT Facebook pages).  If that is indeed accurate, it is a terrible tragedy. 

Fire in JVT


2 thoughts on “Tragedy in JVT

  1. I unfortunately, was watching from 500 mrs away – The poor man climbed out on the ropes from almost 20th floor and tried to climb down – he slid and then fell. Why is there no reports of this death????????????


    • Dear Paula,

      Two new stories in Gulf News have now reported the terrible death of one worker. I did not wish to post unconfirmed stories in my original post, but have however updated the story.


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