The Driver – car chauffeur service

I am delighted to tell you about another JVT resident with his own business. Hasan Lazem started his company, The Driver, two years ago. He tells me he has been in Dubai now almost 8 years and moved to JVT just last summer. Our neighborhood is attracting a lot of self-starting entrepreneurs for sure !

Having been in the transport business for some time before starting The Driver, Hasan knew he could solve a common problem for many people by offering an alternative to waiting for a taxi after a night out. Even for those who don’t overdo it, Dubai’s zero tolerance policy means you should really leave your car at home! But when you’re already out with friends and decide to have that glass of wine, you can now simply call ‘The Driver’. Hasan says, “Many people prefer to drive to the bar, hotel or party they are going to, but do not take the risk of driving home after having a few drinks, which is where we come in. Along with the great initiate being put forward by the Dubai Police to combat driving whilst under the influence, The Driver offers the public a unique chauffeur service by driving you home in your own car.” As expats, we are all visitors here in the U.A.E. Hasan notes that “we have been invited to work and we have to abide by the rules and regulations of the country. The consequences of breaking the law can be very serious not to forget the danger to the public of driving whilst under the influence.”

The Driver offers the top service that we all get rather accustomed to in Dubai. The Driver caters for the unique needs of each of its customers. They drive customers home in their own vehicles after a night out (called the ‘night service’), however, they also provide other services such as valet parking for parties, events and hotels. The Driver can provides drivers on yearly contracts to corporate clients or individuals as well. Hasan can most likely respond to any driving service request they get!

His message to the public is to keep the UAE roads safe by driving responsibly. If not using The Driver, there are plenty of taxis that can drive you home safely. Don’t risk your safety or the lives of others. Try The Driver! My advice is to put their number in your speed dial if you don’t already have it on your phone.

Being a dog lover like so many residents here, Hasan says he enjoys living in JVT for the feeling of being so close to everything yet away from the hustle & bustle of the city. He’s especially glad to have a garden for his dog to play. If you meet him on a stroll in our long central park, be sure to ask about his favorite story when one of his drivers was surprised by the patron he was driving home in his Porsche. The ride of his life for sure!

Contact details:
Toll free line 800 TD1 (831) available 24/7


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