Makani – My Location !

‘Makani’ – this must be what Nakheel has been waiting for!


Under the new ‘My Location’ system, every house and building in Dubai will now have its own unique number. Enter the number on and bam, you’ll be effortlessly transported to your destination on Google map. Beam me up Scottie! Well almost. Ask the site to give you directions or convert your Makani number into GPS coordinates to text to the person looking for your place. Nothing easier ! I’ve tested the new online system which seems to work effortlessly.  I’m not sure why the App requires access to my contacts, however, so I think I’ll hold off on downloading this for now. At least we can certainly expect food deliveries, taxis and ambulances to find us now, even in the black hole of a Triangle where we live.

With this new initiative, we can clearly say ‘welcome to the future’! Have you seen anything this amazing elsewhere?  DXB Vision 2021 has just made street signs obsolete. Let’s hope Nakheel is clued in and doesn’t waste any more of our money by investing in superfluous signage. Why bother now. We’ve managed for four years without any and now our smart city has given us a fantastic tool. You have to love Dubai! I certainly do. Nevertheless, I will miss the creativity of all my neighbors and their hand made signs.

Here are some images of the JVT hand-made street signs (and the few ‘test’ signs made years ago) for the nostaligic at heart.

JVT-collage4 JVT-collage2 JVT-collage1JVT-collage3


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