New signs in JVT in the news!

Pretty incredible, but yes, our new signage has made the local news.

A sample of the new house numbers in JVT.

A sample of the new house numbers in JVT.

Read today’s Gulf News article in which one of our neighbors is anonymously quoted as wondering why Nakheel has changed the villa numbers without informing us. That is a very good question indeed and has spurred me to email our Nakheel Community Officer for an explanation.

It is true that the recently affixed numbers reflect the original plot numbering system. New numbers were designated for our villas upon handover and it is unclear why a decision was taken to revert to the old numbering system.

I will certainly share the reasons when I hear more from Nakheel.

In the meantime, I suppose change keeps us on our toes 🙂


3 thoughts on “New signs in JVT in the news!

  1. I am also a resident of JVT and have noticed recently they have put up some white pillars at each intersection/crossroads. Wonder what those are for. Are they finally putting road signs up? Can someone update us on that.


  2. Our TH was changed mysteriously over night, it doesn’t surprise me that they have not informed anyone just as they have started to work into the night and early morning disturbing neighbours with construction for the Mall…. I was also amazed by the advertising signs stuck up outside peoples homes as if it were SZR…..


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