An eye opening experience

I recently had the pleasure to meet another neighbor, Nafia Zafar. She is a qualified make-up artist who I listed on this website some time back. I needed a little lift for a holiday party and decided to call upon her talents. I don’t know why I didn’t pay her a visit before. I love to dress up and I’m always excited to attend a social event or Gala evening. The latest I went to was the Surge event, Design, Dine and make a Difference and I wish I had made the trip to Nafia’s place for that, especially as I had to deliver short remarks about the primary school program on water conservation that I manage. That will be for another post, back to Nafia now.


Nafia is an International Makeup Association Certified Makeup and hair stylist from London College of Makeup. Founder of a Makeup Training Institute back home, she has also worked in films and with numerous celebrities. Now that sounds pretty glamorous to me! Her expertise lies in bridal makeup, party makeup and hair, media makeup and special effects. So I’m definitely thinking to book her also for next Halloween. She travels around internationally for work but when in town her days are usually occupied with ARGANA salon in Umm Suquim 3, opposite Kings school where she holds a makeup studio. Luckily for the residents of JVT she can happily pop up at your place or welcome you at hers to glam you up. Do check her out on Instagram ( to get more ideas or contact her on 0521693100.

That’s me after a visit to Nafia’s place 🙂

Catch her when she is in town!




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