Cool weather activities in JVT

With the New Year now behind us and the cooler days truly upon us, this is the time of year to be out and about. There are many outdoor activities to indulge in all across Dubai.

Right here in JVT, there are plenty of options for adults from boot camp classes on the basketball pitch in District 8 to backyard yoga classes. I recently stumbled across this blackboard notice at the home of a lovely yoga teacher and I’ve made it to her place for some outdoor stretching and poses a few times.

Check out all the activities here.

A number of new after-school classes for kids have started at the neighborhood schools. Dance and karate classes are now on offer by Gulf Star Sports at the Arcadia school.  If you live closer to Sunmarke, Step Up Academy has taken up residence there with dance, cheerleading and musical theatre class too!  Also, a new Swim program is now available in JVT with Warriors Sports.

A great way to get your kids to let off some steam is to sign them up for Judo or Taekwondo with Budo Juku. Tennis and football options can also be found right here in the Village!

If your children could use some extra tutoring, Math support is available in JVT with WhizzKids on an afterschool basis at Sunmarke.

All these and more are listed here.

Not sure what to sign your kids up for?
The useful JVT Calendar lists activities by day making it easy to pick what suits your schedule. 

Coming Soon…

Do your kids love Minecraft? Another option for some down-time and a bit of afterschool fun is to enrol your youngsters in this new club at Sunmarke in April. The Educational Minecraft Club teaches kids imagination, thinking and creativity skills. This new Dubai attraction is masterminded by Game Vans. They can also come right to your home for a novel party idea! Check them out.

If you are also worried, like me, about what to do with your kids during February break, check out the half-term camp on offer with Gulf Star Sports at Arcadia. From 12-16 February, they have a whole lot of options to keep your kids busy.

Let us know how you are spending your free time in the great outdoors whether it be here in JVT, around town or in the wider Emirates. Comment below.

Is your JVT activity missing from the listing? Contact us now!


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