Come and Go – changes in JVT community

This last month has seen a lot of activity in JVT.  So, we’ve gathered a round up of the happenings that we’ve noticed

First off, we are terribly sad to report the loss of our favorite little restaurant in JVT – Noa’s Delice. They made wonderful home-cooked lunches and offered delicious French pastries, breads, coffees and fresh drinks. On March 31st, Sunita and Stephane closed the doors after the last snacks were served. We certainly wish them all the best for their future endeavours and want to say one last time that they are truly missed!

Dandelion Flowers BannerNext up, we are excited to welcome Dandelion, a new flower shop, to JVT. To mark their grand opening, Anoud will be offering 3 lucky readers of the JVT blog a fresh bouquet of flowers. Everyone who has already signed up is still in the running. If you have not yet put your name in the hat, click HERE to register for the draw before tomorrow night!

Be sure to stop in to Dandelion from Friday 27th April as of 5pm for their Grand Opening !

JVT is also now home to a new veterinary clinic, a butcher shop and a new restaurant called Al Pastor.

Why not try out these new shops? And please continue to patron all our other local boutiques – we have a nail salon, a beauty shop, two pharmacies, three grocery shops, two barbers, two dry cleaners, a butcher, a pizzeria, a mini-hardware and surely more to come!

The JVT Community Website thanks our local shops for their support. You can find out about their latest promotions right here and on the JVT Instagram page!

Chi Nail Hi Res             gladys-logo  Dandelion Flowers



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