Are you ready to act for life’s future? Your chance is tomorrow!

Life, as we know it, relies on safe water to survive and thrive. Are you concerned about how we can maintain a flourishing and prosperous life for everyone, for ever?

Come out to The Sustainable City tomorrow (16 March 9am-4pm) and talk to the Water Alliance team about how we can, together, preserve and protect the world’s water. There will be fun family Games to provoke discussion and get us thinking outside the box.

Taking place at ORIGINS Marketplace, this is also a great opportunity to get your hands on the latest products for sustainable living. There is even a second hand bike sale if you are looking to bring more pedal power into your life.

Let’s live within our planet’s means, starting now.

Follow: @waterallianceuae

For more info or to volunteer for the Water Alliance Association, contact


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