Halloween Houses 2019

Hello JVTers

Here’s the list of haunted Halloween houses for this year. Well, let’s hope that they are not all haunted but have plenty of candies to share. Shout out to Sara Silvana for putting the list and amazing tips together.

In case your villa is not on the list and you are welcoming children for a treat, just put out some decorations and you can be sure all the kids will stop by.

Halloween Notice for all ! 🎃
1- Please be extra careful when driving today, as a lot of kids will be walking around to trick and treat

2- If you are trick and treating, pls knock ONLY on the doors that have Halloween decorations. We should not bother any neighbors otherwise.

3- If you have Halloween decorations, and your kids decided to sleep early, or u don’t want anyone knocking on your door then put up a sign or a paper saying so

4- Trick and Treaters usually walk around between 5:30 and 8:30 at the latest. Most people stop at 7:30. Please bear with us as we are just having some fun.

5- if you are walking your dogs, pls keep them on a lead to make sure none of the kids freak out or get hurt by mistake.

6- tips for walks. Take a stroller if your child is young, even if he/she wants to walk. Take water and tissues too!

Have fun and Happy Halloween



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