Do you want to notify other residents about problems or any issues that concern others in the community?

Here are some common issues that residents have asked and responded about:

DEWA – The cost of water and electricity for our villa runs between 2200 AED in August to 750 AED for our lowest bill in the cool months. Of course, that was only one month of the year!

If your bills are always over 2,500 AED, you may have underground leaks in your irrigation system or other plumbing or you are using too much A/C. We keep our A/C adjusted to 27 degrees on the ground floor and only use the A/C at night in the bedrooms set at 23 degrees.  We also have turned off the ghost fresh air (switch on grey panel in maids room) and have turned off the circuit breaker switch for the bathroom fans so that they do not run 24/7 !  Finally, we have also changed most of the halogen lamps to energy efficient ones. As well, we installed ceiling fans in each bedroom plus the living room. This truly allows you to keep the A/C at a higher setting and the circulating air in the room keeps it cooler. The fans are a little pricey but it pays off quickly. If others have more advice, please send it along.

NAKHEEL SERVICE CHARGE –  The community service charge in 2013 was 1886 AED.

BUILDING AN EXTENSION: You need to contact Nakheel for approvals to build an extension. This site is not managed by Nakheel. Here is a comment by a fellow resident on the process for obtaining the CD of villa drawings:

Hi!… Called Nakheel, was asked to email them the issue and property details, which I did. Nakheel then replied saying I should contact the contractors/subcontractors who did the waterproofing on my roof. They also said that this info is available in the ‘As Built documentation’ for my house. Unfortunately, I do not have this documentation as I bought the house 2nd hand, and the previous owner didn’t hand me over these docs; he has now left the country, so I asked Nakheel if these can be reproduced for me and here’s their reply which might be helpful for others:

“Kindly find the below attached information in order to apply for the As built / MEP drawings CD:

– As built / MEP drawings CD, Handled by Community Management.

– Admin fees should be done in the Nakheel Sales Office building #3 in Al Sofouh Road

– Receipt of admin fee payment & tge title deed should be sent via email to JVT Community

– Community team will inform owner when it is ready for collection.”


PAINT CODES: These codes are for an Arabic Villa, constructed by Gunal Construction (other villas may be different depending on the contractor that was used.)


PVA Primer
2 Coat of Stucco
2 Coat Penemastic Matt

WALLS –  Ral 9001
CEILING – Ral 9010


Jotashield Tex Medium
Jotashield Penetrating Primer
Jotashield Topcoat Silk

ELEVATION – Ral 1117
GRC – Ral 2086

Post your contribution here and it will be included here in the relevant section of this site to inform others in the community.


33 thoughts on “Notices

  1. Recently moved into a town house and have gas connected. Seems to be a final connection issue in the box that I can’t seem to work out. Any ideas anyone.


    • Lootah Gas are the company to install gas cylinders and they should know how to make the final connections I would guess.

      Also there is a switch to turn gas on and off next to the washing machine. ..


  2. Hi I’ve been living here for the last two months and my Dewa bill is off the roof At 8500 aed per month. Could someone help with possible problems and how can I fix this. Thanks in advance


  3. Hi I’ve been living here for the last two months and my Dewa bill is off the roof At 8500 aed per month. Could someone help with possible problems and how can I fix this. Thanks in advance


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