Need sparkling clean windows? Meet Suzanne from JVT and her dream Gleam Team!

I’m especially happy to write about this particular JVT neighbor just before the year end. As many homes are getting decorated and all spruced up for some sparkling New Year celebrations at home, it would be a shame to forget to give those high up windows and balconies a glisten.

We surely have a lot of multi-talented and enterprising residents in JVT and I recently met yet another – Suzanne Kalloghlian. She is not only a children’s author, a teaching assistant and a personal tutor, but a budding entrepreneur to boot!  She has found a perfect niche in the market when she started her own business a few years back called The Gleam Team. Her team of seven will make your windows sparkle, trust me, I’ve tried. They specialize in window cleaning both inside and out. While they are outside, you can also have them power wash your patios, balconies and garage doors. Specialized in windows, they can change the netting on your sliding door fly-screens as well. Window cleaning is such a drag that I think it’s marvelous to have a great little crew you can call in for a super reasonable price to do one of those perennial dreadful chores.

Suzanne’s straightforward and simple idea took some work to set up. But, after getting the paperwork sorted, the business has taken off thanks to happy client recommendations. I can understand why as Suzanne explained to me her guiding mantra – ‘the customer is always right’ she asserts. “If a customer is not happy, which thank goodness is very rare, it bothers me immensely and I always attempt to rectify the problem if I can,” she told me.  Clearly, this strategy is working well for The Gleam Team.

Suzanne and her Gleam Team !

Suzanne and her Gleam Team !

I also think her success boils down to the personal touch. We called in The Gleam Team to fix our ripped and broken fly screens. Unfortunately, the company which had installed them did a terrible job and it was impossible to snap out the frames, as would be customary. I never noticed this issue until we needed the repairs. At first, the team informed me that they would be unable to accept the job for fear of damaging the aluminum frames. But the very next day, Suzanne’s husband came around to check on the difficulties his team had encountered and identified the right solution to remove and repair the screens.

The Gleam Team is truly a family affair. Husband George does the bookings (as Suzanne holds down a full time school job). His professional work is done remotely from home, so it’s easier for him to handle the administrative side of things Suzanne tells me with a twinkle in her eye! Their two sons, Raffi and Zak sort out all the necessary day-to-day running of GLEAM making a big contribution to the business. Suzanne is also quite adamant about taking good care of her staff. She especially raved about Raby & Jason, her main window cleaners, and one of whom you would surely find on every job. “We work as a real team,” Suzanne explained.

Another thing that Suzanne really takes to heart is caring for the planet. They use environmentally friendly products with no chemicals that are safe to both children and animals. Their procedures also account for our desert climate to ensure the minimal water usage. They take special care to avoid water leakage in through the window frames which can happen very easily in some of the construction here and cause lots of damage. The team also wears shoe covers and gloves inside your home to protect carpets and furnishings.


Ho, Ho, Ho!   No, it’s not Santa, it’s The Gleam Team!

When I asked Suzanne why she started this business, it came down to simple supply and demand. She had tried to find a company some years ago to come and clean the windows at her home and found the costs extortionate and the service poor.  She felt she could offer a quality and friendly service. “I wanted some polite, hygienic, well trained guys that would come and do the job efficiently and quickly, with a smile,” Suzanne remarked. “Since I couldn’t find that kind of service I decided to start my own.”

Suzanne is a curious woman at heart and has been involved in a number of small business ventures throughout her life from owning a bouncy castle company to setting up a costume jewelry distribution business. She is one to always stay busy and has explored many professions along the way. She’s trained in a number of different specialties from medical secretary to interior designer. Suzanne followed her husband to this region 16 years ago. They never had the intention to make this their home, but like many, they’ve established roots here. Her son now lives in JVT with his young family and this is what brought Suzanne and her husband to our neighborhood in the summer of 2016. “It’s a friendly place to live,” she commented. “Now that the weather is cooler, I will be donning my trainers and setting out for a few walks with the dogs and my new grandson to explore the area more fully.” You’ll surely happen upon Suzanne if you also like to walk about. If you do, I encourage you to start a conversation and you’ll certainly be enthralled with her vivacious attitude towards life!

In case a few neighbors want to call in the Gleam Team to spruce up their homes for the New Year, ask about their special offer for group bookings of 4 or 5 homes on the same day! Regardless, Suzanne always gives her neighbors a special deal and quotes JVT residents at 10% less then the going rate. I can highly recommend the service; very professional, very courteous and very clean.

Phone number:
050 387 4557

JVT’s very own Quality cleaning service

JVT is a great community filled with young families, upwardly mobile couples and plenty of entrepreneurial folks. As you know, I take pleasure in presenting the companies created by fellow JVT residents, especially when they have something great to offer the community. I will also be happy to feature residents in a “Meet your Neighbors” series if your job involves a service that can be provided to those of us living here or looking to live here. Let me know if you would like to appear on these JVT blog pages !

Today’s story is about Melly. Melly moved here two years ago and started her own business a little over 4 months ago.  A recent start up indeed! However, she’s got lots of experience running the same business already in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain for three years now.

Melly is specialized in providing support to families without a live-in maid or who need a little extra help for a special party or maybe petcare while the whole family is away. Quality Touch Cleaning Services provides live-out maids and indoors training for live-in maids, standard and deep cleaning, the big clean when moving in or out of a new place, babysitting services, party help and even pet care, Most importantly,  Melly says that Quality Touch was founded on the idea of providing Quality Service. She explained that they heard about alot of dissatisfied friends and acquantainces who hired some extra, live-out help and she wanted to address that problem. She’s set up a ‘Know Your Customer’ list of requirements for her staff to ensure they provide top service at all times. With a work force of 35 people, Melly believes in treating her team well and striving to reach the 100% satisfaction guarantee. “We love to feel our customers are gratified,” she says.

With so many cleaning services available in Dubai, I asked Melly how her company is different. Being able to apply her experience in the hotel industry across Europe means that she has the skills in staff management, hotel housekeeping services, heavy-duty cleaning and gala reception management that sets her apart from the competition.

If you have tried out Quality Touch Cleaning, let us know what you think. If you haven’t given them a go, Melly is ready to offer JVT Residents a 10% discount and she’s got a loyalty program in the works as well. I’m going to be giving them a test run for sure!

On a more personal level, Melly told me how much she enjoys living in the UAE. She feels this is one of the safest countries in the world and she appreciates the multi-cultural environment we live in. She also remarked on the flexibility and ease of establishing a business here in the UAE. Of course, there was mention of the challenging road situation in JVT, but we know that is temporary and nothing dampens her pleasure of arriving home to her lovely garden and enjoying the company of friendly neighbors she tells me. “We have discovered that JVT is the most warm and welcoming community in Dubai. That was our first impression when we moved in and we have no doubt on it today.”

It’s wonderful to know that we have such enterprising neighbors and look forward to profiling many more of you over time!

Quality Touch Cleaning and Care Services
Horizon Tower, Office no 108, Al Barsha 1, Dubai P.O. Box 392502
Tel: 800 555 777
For French Speakers, call direct on: 056 641 4949