JVT’s very own Quality cleaning service

JVT is a great community filled with young families, upwardly mobile couples and plenty of entrepreneurial folks. As you know, I take pleasure in presenting the companies created by fellow JVT residents, especially when they have something great to offer the community. I will also be happy to feature residents in a “Meet your Neighbors” series if your job involves a service that can be provided to those of us living here or looking to live here. Let me know if you would like to appear on these JVT blog pages !

Today’s story is about Melly. Melly moved here two years ago and started her own business a little over 4 months ago.  A recent start up indeed! However, she’s got lots of experience running the same business already in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain for three years now.

Melly is specialized in providing support to families without a live-in maid or who need a little extra help for a special party or maybe petcare while the whole family is away. Quality Touch Cleaning Services provides live-out maids and indoors training for live-in maids, standard and deep cleaning, the big clean when moving in or out of a new place, babysitting services, party help and even pet care, Most importantly,  Melly says that Quality Touch was founded on the idea of providing Quality Service. She explained that they heard about alot of dissatisfied friends and acquantainces who hired some extra, live-out help and she wanted to address that problem. She’s set up a ‘Know Your Customer’ list of requirements for her staff to ensure they provide top service at all times. With a work force of 35 people, Melly believes in treating her team well and striving to reach the 100% satisfaction guarantee. “We love to feel our customers are gratified,” she says.

With so many cleaning services available in Dubai, I asked Melly how her company is different. Being able to apply her experience in the hotel industry across Europe means that she has the skills in staff management, hotel housekeeping services, heavy-duty cleaning and gala reception management that sets her apart from the competition.

If you have tried out Quality Touch Cleaning, let us know what you think. If you haven’t given them a go, Melly is ready to offer JVT Residents a 10% discount and she’s got a loyalty program in the works as well. I’m going to be giving them a test run for sure!

On a more personal level, Melly told me how much she enjoys living in the UAE. She feels this is one of the safest countries in the world and she appreciates the multi-cultural environment we live in. She also remarked on the flexibility and ease of establishing a business here in the UAE. Of course, there was mention of the challenging road situation in JVT, but we know that is temporary and nothing dampens her pleasure of arriving home to her lovely garden and enjoying the company of friendly neighbors she tells me. “We have discovered that JVT is the most warm and welcoming community in Dubai. That was our first impression when we moved in and we have no doubt on it today.”

It’s wonderful to know that we have such enterprising neighbors and look forward to profiling many more of you over time!

Quality Touch Cleaning and Care Services
Horizon Tower, Office no 108, Al Barsha 1, Dubai P.O. Box 392502
Tel: 800 555 777
For French Speakers, call direct on: 056 641 4949


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