Don’t miss out on the Arcadia Masterclass Experience on 2nd February

If you are looking for a new school for your child, it’s time to check out The Arcadia Preparatory school right here in JVT. At the Arcadia open day, you and your child can experience an age appropriate masterclass on different subjects to feel like a true Arcadian for a day. Don’t miss it on this Saturday 2nd February. Sign up now !

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Resolved to get fit or train your brain? Do it in JVT!

Happy New Year JVT neighbors!

As we begin 2019, I’m guessing many of us have made the required New Year resolutions. If you’ve made a deal with yourself to get fit, make it easy on yourself and check out all the options in the neighborhood.

You can try Boot Camp with Juandre, pilates with Sara, yoga with Audrey, play tennis with a buddy or join a game of hoops with some neighbors. You can take adult swim classes with High Performance swim or adult Judo with Budo Juku on Saturdays. Why not get a group of friends together and start a Bollywood dance class with Shiamak??

The kids will not be left out either. Hamilton Aquatics has recently started swim classes at Arcadia and The Football Academy is there with a fun soccer club for the young ones. Karate, Judo and Taekwondo are also available right here in JVT.

Have you made the New Year goal to improve your levels of focus and concentration? In that case, get in touch with Brain Gain. Our neighbor living right here in JVT offers these amazing classes for kids and adults to improve your cognitive skills that can give you improved emotional control, better sleeping betters and help with memory. Maybe it’s time to get both mentally and physically fit to ensure an incredible year ahead!

For all these activities and more, consult the Activities Listing or the handy calendar to find classes in the neighborhood on a particular day.

Wishing you all a wonderful start to 2019!


PS – If you have something new to list, let me know!

Trick or Treating tonight in JVT – Here’s the list!

The list is long this year. Here are all the homes that welcome trick-or-treaters tonight! For an easy to print document, click here for the Halloween2018 – List

A6 District 1
A2 District 1
TH F7 District 2
C4 District 2
C19 District 2
E7 District 2
D7 District 2
F16 District 2
F15 District 2
B7 District 2
B48 District 3
TH B30 District 3
C7 District 3
A12 District 3
C8 District 3
TH B44 District 3
c27 District 4
F21 District 4
G5 District 4
E18 District 4
B1 District 4
D18 District 4
C13 District 4
TH C2 District 5
G10 District 5
C15 District 5
F25 District 5
TH G22 District 5
G8 District 5
G16 District 5
G10 District 5
E16 District 5
C23 District 5
C18 District 5
TH A22 District 6
C17 District 7
G8 District 7
B9 District 7
C15 District 7
E5 District 7
TH C8 District 7
G3 District 8
TH A9 District 8
Q8 District 8
H11 District 8
K7 District 8
K9 District 8
P7 District 8
TH H21 District 8
H11 District 8
TH O10 District 8
G12 District 8
TH A8 District 8
D1 District 8
N17 District 8
G3 District 8
G12 District 8
21H District 8
U5 District 8
T5 District 8
TH E41 District 9
TH E56 District 9
F19 District 9
O13 District 9
I27 District 9
I16 District 9
K23 District 9
L15 District 9
TH L18 District 9
M19 District 9
H18 District 9
M13 District 9
TH E31 District 9
H4 District 9
J17 District 9
I12 District 9
H3 District 9
I26 District 9
C1 District 9
TH K6 District 9
A9 District 9
TH H7 District 9
TH E25 District 9
TH E48 District 9
A11 District 9
TH E12 District 9
D2 District 9
G20 District 9
I28 District 9
TH L3 District 9
H22 District 9
H12 District 9
H22 District D9
C4 District 9
TH E31 District 9

Special Timings before 7.30pm only please:

L11 District 8
M19 District 9

Special thanks to Hannah Stonuary for compiling this year’s list.

Happy Halloween everyone!

woman wearing halloween costume

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Here’s the list – activities in JVT for young and old !

School’s in session once again and many parents are looking for activities to help their kids build new life skills – whether it’s team sport or their creative talents.

There’s lots on offer right here in JVT. No need to cart your kids all across Dubai.

And adults – don’t despair! There are plenty of ways to stay fit and meet others in the neighborhood while you’re at it.

Here’s a quick review of the best stuff (scroll down for the link to full contact details):

Brain Gain is offering to get your kids up to scratch and school ready. Their program aimed at kids ages 4 and 5 years old helps them to master new skills they need to be happy at school. For older kids or adults, Brain Gain can help with concentration and focus. Check out what they offer and quote the JVT website for a free assessment (worth 200aed) valid anytime this month.

Juandre Kruger, a Reps level 3 certified instructor, is offering Boot Camp everyday but Saturday. One hour classes early morning or evening at Sunmarke. No reason not to get fit!

Judo and Taekwondo classes are always a hit with the kids. Budo Juku has been offering classes for the last few years here in JVT and has a full schedule to suit any kid’s agenda! Adult training is also available 🙂

Young ones ages 3 – 6 can sign up for First Step Soccer happening every Saturday morning at Arcadia with The Football Academy.

Let’s get wet! Sign up for swim class with High Performance Swim Club. They have it all covered from baby swimmers to teens and adults. Is it time to have a pro help you perfect your strokes? Give them a shout!

Just like to walk – reach out to the Winter Walkers. At the weather cools down, they should be out and about a lot more.

Check out the FULL LIST OF ACTIVITIES and check back regularly for new postings.

The JVT Calendar lets you view activities by date.

If you’ve got plans to start any other activities, let us know so we can inform the neighborhood!

Lower your school fee burden with Arcadia Preparatory !

Dear Parents,

School starts soon. Are you feeling the pinch with new uniforms, bus fees and tuition?

Our neighborhood school, Arcadia Preparatory, wishes to announce their Governor’s Scholarship. Enroll your children now and avail a 15% rebate in tuition fees for their entire tenure.  This great offer will certainly make many parents smile!

The JVT Community website wishes everyone a great start to the new school year.

Governors Scholarship