Time to stock the Ramadan Fridges in JVT!

Dear neighbors,

Once again this year, we can find Ramadan Sharing Fridges in the community. Several of our amazing neighbors are volunteering to manage a fridge for workers. With the new mall being built, a new school under construction and many high-rise buildings going up, these fridges will surely be a big hit once again. Kudos to the Fridge Managers in JVT who volunteer to make this sustenance available to workers and less privileged all throughout the holy month.

Kindly keep them in mind when you do your shopping and add some extra things to your cart. It’s super simple. Just stop  by at one of the locations on your way home and pop these items in the fridge!

Where are the JVT Fridges?

Ramadan Fridge Locations

as of 6 May 2018

Currently, we have two confirmed Fridge Managers. The options for your drop offs are:  JVT, District 9N, Villa N15 or
JVT District 9E, Townhouse 26

Click here to view the most recent map of all the Ramadan Fridges.

What to offer?

  • drinks: individually packed juices, soda, water, laban
  • fruit: bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, watermelon in portions
  • veggies: tomatoes and cucumbers are big hits
  • dry foods:  dry fruits like dates, biscuits, nuts and crisps

Share in the spirit of solidarity in JVT 

Alison Wade is a neighbor and a two-time JVT Fridge Manager. She has been so pleased with the amazing experience and is excited to get started now on her third year. Her two sons enjoy helping out and bring food donations from their school. Our own Arcadia Preparatory school sent children every second day to stock Alison’s fridge last year.  Alison told me how much she enjoyed seeing the children meet the community gardeners and laborers when handing out the food. “This was a lovely experience for all of them. The school felt it was important to give back to the people who helped build our community and keep it looking nice,” she explained. “Triangle Supermarket are also amazing. They helped by bringing people’s donations straight to the fridge and making those less fortunate aware of where the fridges are.”

The JVT community really comes on board to help with donations and stocking the fridges. In Alison’s words, “We have a very strong community!”

Want to do more? 

Get in touch with the Ramadan Fridges initiative through these links if you want to help in other ways:

  • Facebook Page : RamadanSharingFridges
  • Facebook Group: Ramadan/Sharing Fridges in the UAE
  • Instagram @ramadanfridgesdxb
  • Twitter @ramadanfridges

You can set up your own fridge by contacting info@ramadansharingfridges.org. They’ll give you all the tips you need and list your fridge on the map. Just do it !


Give to the JVT fridges this Ramadan

Many JVTers have responded to the call, but more support is needed. All throughout Ramadan, the fridge initiative is providing sustinence to the needy among us.

Here in JVT, there are many less fortunate – our gardeners, security guards and the hundreds of labourers building our new shopping malls and the surrounding apartment buildings.


The JVT Ramadan fridges run out of stock several times a day. Yesterday, my family and I filled two fridges and met one of the wonderful fridge managers who told us about the daily ritual of filling the fridge and the many workers stopping by for a refreshment or some fruit.

Here’s where to head:

  • District 5 Villa B37
  • District 9 Villa E26 and Villa N15
  • Imperial Residence lobby
  • Safestway supermarket (next to cashier)

What to give:

  • Drinks: water, juices, soda, laban
  • Fruit: bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, watermelon in portions
  • Vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, onions
  • Dry food such as dates, biscuits, nuts and crisps

Time to share !

If you want to know more, sign up with the Facebook group Ramadan Sharing Fridges in the UAE  or read the recent Gulf News article featuring our own JVT resident Alison Wade!

Leave us a comment about how you are helping others this Ramadan and inspire more action.