Geant starts Online Grocery Delivery

Geant supermarket ( now delivers to JVT…Yes, you heard it correctly!! Why brave the summer heat, parking space debacles, trolley  malfunctions, endless queues, hunting for coins, loading the car and unloading those heavy cool drinks and embarrassingly large packs of loo rolls when you can order your groceries online.

Geant has started offering the online service with FREE delivery to JVT recently and I gave it a try this week. I found the website easy to use and well organised. The products are divided into sections like, Fresh, Canned goods, Dairy etc. You can easily adjust quantities and I didn’t notice an increase in prices compared with the actual store prices. You can request a specific time and day and mine came on time, with cold things still cold!

Ladies who are going away for summer, leaving poor hubby to fend for themselves (or overdose on take-aways), there is even a favourites section where you can simply duplicate your previous orders for ease and convenience. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Final thoughts: maybe keep it a secret to the Triangle folks to avoid them getting too busy…just an idea 🙂



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