Pet Owners Put on Notice by Nakheel

In case you weren’t informed, last week Nakheel told pet owners in JVT to respect the laws of the land or face the consequences. Dubai Municipality Veterinary Services has outlined the major faux-pas which range from feeding stray animals to allowing your dog to go on a rampage. Fines can go as high as 5,000 AED.  Consult the attached document in English or Arabic for full details.

DM-Rules &Regulations for Pets_Arabic

DM-Rules & Regulations for Pets_Eng

In addition to various violations, this document lists the dog breeds prohibited in Dubai as all Pitbull Terriers, Brazilian Fighting dog, Argentinian Fighting dog, American Staffordshire Terrier, Japanese Tosa and the big, bad Wolf! Other breeds are forbidden to be kept in apartments including the Rottweiler, Doberman and Sharpoi as well as cross-breeds from these two lists. Hum, I wouldn’t want to face a Wolf-weiler!

Certainly don’t take things into your own hands if you come across one of these banned dogs. Contact the concerned municipality service at  800 900 to report any major incidents if need be.

The following is the Nakheel e-mail dated 8:57 AM 23rd June 2013:

Dear Valued Residents,

Reference is made to the repeated incidents and complaints brought to our attention with regards to dogs in your Community. We would like to remind you of Nakheel Community Rules and Regulations in this regards. If you don’t have a copy, kindly inform us in order to forward you one.

In this regards, please find attached a copy from the Booklet prepared and issued by Dubai Municipality. Kindly note that Dubai Municipality has the Authority to inspect and penalize for the listed violations. If you observe any violation, you may directly contact Dubai Municipality on 800900 on 24X7 basis. After that, we also request you to notify the Security in order to assist the Dubai Municipality inspector in his job.

We respectfully look forward to your cooperation and appreciate your assistance with this matter.


JV Community



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