The Mystery Triangle

Who hasn’t heard of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle? Getting around the JV Triangle can prove to be quite a mystery to residents and visitors alike. There have not been any true disappearances in JVT that I’m aware of, but at times, it has seemed this could happen, particularly to food delivery persons.

I recall one amusing incident of late. I was waiting for my sushi delivery to show and, after much delay, finally phoned the delivery man. Just down the road, so he says. Another 10 minutes later, I put in a second call. He proceeds to explain that he is outside my door. Having turned left, then right and straight through the round about, perfectly following my instructions it appeared, he was indeed outside number 48, but not at my house at all !! The kind resident took my call, explained he lived near Limitless and I gave directions from there.

Another 10 minutes goes by and I call the driver to find he is stopped on the side of the road flagging down cars for directions. Another kind soul offers to show the driver the way, assuring me he knows exactly our location. Yet, with every turn they took, they got further and further from our place. As my sushi travelled the Triangle, I was worried it would be swallowed whole by the vortex and leave my tired and hungry children to go to bed on empty stomachs. When I realized that our sushi man had driven past the DEWA station a good ten times, I jumped in my car and met him there. Just as I was about to leave the house, a Pizza Hut delivery man stopped me to ask directions as he could not find his required destination! Arriving at the DEWA station, I jumped out of my car and handed the delivery guy his payment and a big tip for his frustration. Exchanging that plastic bag for a few bills on a street corner felt a little dubious but my family cheered as I arrived home with our no longer so fresh catch of the day.

Solving the Bermuda Triangle mysteries required quite a lot more effort from Larry Kusche, a librarian at Arizona State University in 1975. Let’s hope it doesn’t take Nakheel 30 years to put up all the street signs and take the mystery out of JVT.

I’m sure there are dozens of funny stories out there about directional dysfunction in JVT. I’d love to hear your anecdotes about losing your way in JVT!


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