Inside the gates – Are you finding your way?

Having recently returned to JVT after a long summer holiday, I noticed all the new street indications with joy.  Luckily we still have the home-made models that help us get around.

At long last, JVT has some directional signage.
At long last, JVT has some directional signage.
Well meaning residents try to make navigating the triangle a little easier!
Well meaning residents try to make navigating the triangle a little easier!

Last week, homeowners received a notice explaining that Nakheel has now decided to help us find our way. It has been nearly four years since the the first homes were handed over. Better late than never as the saying goes! We’ve also learned that these directional signs are only temporary. Yes, at long last we can hope to have actual street signs, preferably on every street corner. With luck, these rare beauties showcased below will make their appearance throughout JVT. Wait and see.

Wouldn't it be nice to have more signs like this.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have more signs like this.

The other big news is that JVT, which is already a thriving community, will soon become a ‘gated’ community. With some luck, this might help reduce the number of missing items people are regularly posting about on Facebook. Presenting a pass at the entry gates may or may not stem such unseemly behaviour as petty theft. Frankly, I would rather some time and effort be spent on improving the road access leading into and out of JVT. Priority might also be given to sign-posting the main entrance off the Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed highway, for example? What do you say?   (Leave a reply below.)

This is the original note from Nakheel:

Dear Valued Owners/Residents,

We are pleased to inform you that a decision was made by Nakheel Management to convert Jumeirah Village Triangle into a gated community. Nakheel Asset Management & Infrastructure (NAMI) is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for Jumeirah Village residents.

We are strengthening the security by fencing the Community and installing access control systems at each entrance-exit to and from the Community. Each gate will be equipped with a gatehouse, barriers equipped with an access control system.

We are currently in the procurement phase for the necessary material and works. We will be able to share with you the program of works once made available.

On a separate note, kindly note that the directional signage installed recently in the Community are for temporary use only whilst we are procuring the final signage in accordance with the local standards. We have installed the temporary signage in order to improve getting in and out of the Community for residents and visitors in order to avoid waiting for the final signage to be installed.

Yours faithfully,

Community Management

Nakheel Asset Management and Infrastructure

On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 9:58 AM, JV Community <>


4 thoughts on “Inside the gates – Are you finding your way?

  1. Great to finally see road signage. The fast-food motorcycle delivery boys will be delighted.
    But not happy to see that the communal greenery, so lovingly planted by the gardeners has recently turned into ‘brownery’. Is there a problem with the DEWA bill?
    Nakheel could visit the nearby Springs / Meadows to see how it should be done. Sadly, this is what happened at Discovery Gardens. I guess the JVT Marketing Phase just came to an end.


    • Dear Barry,

      I also wonder why they told us they were going to remove all the plantings residents made in front of their homes. I, for one, had put in some nice flowers. It seems the water was maybe purposely cut off so everything would die. Let’s hope they will be replacing this with beautiful landscaping 🙂

      – Lee


      • I think you may be right. But having turned off the water, all the newly planted ‘trees’ have died, as have a lot of the plants in the ‘central park’ area.
        More importantly, do you know why they boarded up the stagnant ‘lake’ in central park. To my knowledge, creating a wet area that can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes is illegal. I even had the Municipality warn that uncontained water dripping from an A/C unit can result in prosecution.
        I agree with this heavy handed approach as we stopped taking Daraprim in Dubai after local malaria transmission in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) came to an end in 1997. At this rate, it might make a come back – at least in JVT.


      • I also wonder why the ‘lake’ was left for years as an open water hole – just an accident waiting to happen considering the possibility of drowning let alone the concern of fanning the mosquito population. When it was finally boarded up, I assumed it was for safety reasons. It will be a beautiful spot if/when they finish it, as well as the canals. I believe all they need is a fountain to keep the water moving!


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