A Year in Time

It’s been one year since I launched this blog with the simple idea of compiling all the great advice that is randomly posted on the various JVT Facebook pages. I found that there are just too many comments to follow. At the same time, I found alot of people were posting important questions and needed advice. The Facebook communities are active and many answers always come through. But, then the same questions appear over and over. Hence, my idea to centralize information into a blog site where you can easily find what you need.

This is a work in progress, and I’ve had a number of helpful fellow residents send me suggestions about things to include. Please keep your ideas coming. It’s particularly exciting to hear about new activities that various people are proposing – the latest is tango lessons! Sounds like a great way to meet your neighbors and have some fun. (Check my page “Activities in JVT“).

News for Today: A fellow resident has announced that the Mobile Fresh Fruit Delivery Truck will be in JVT tonight – District 9-O opposite the park. Check out their site and see you there!

More residents sign up to follow this blog every day. I count on all of you to make this a useful resource!


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