JVT has been in the news a bit recently. I thought it would be good to keep you abreast of this should you have missed these articles.

Following my recent post about Nakheel’s decision to make JVT a gated community, I’ve read that Nakheel has terminated their contract with World Security.  Read article in Gulf News about sacked security guards.

They’ve apparently secured a new company. I’ve noticed the new guards at Jumeirah Islands. They are very serious about controlling who goes into the community. But here at JVT, the main gate’s security shack (yes, hideous) was taken down weeks ago and as yet there are no signs of the new system being put in place. Presumably the same company would be patrolling our neighborhoods and checking on vehicles entering the community.  As this Gulf News article explains, residents are eagerly awaiting the prospect of a secure, guarded community.  We’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store!


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