Update on road access in and out of JVT

A fellow resident recently enquired about the road access in and out of JVT. Here is the reply from Nakheel which may interest all residents:

The road you are referring to is an RTA road and a portion of JVT non- permanent road. Please use an alternate roads which are permanently paved and in good condition. As per our master plan, there is no permanent road through this exit. We only allowed it temporarily while waiting for the RTA approval for the proposed of other gates. We are following up with RTA to construct and complete 2 roads as follows:
•             The existing link to Jumeirah Park to be completed as per the relevant standards, this is on the process of approval.
•             A new road link to be constructed between JVT and The Springs on the other side.
Hope this clarifies your queries, for any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


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