On the importance of reading and the value of libraries…

I don’t generally re-post articles but today I’m making an exception. This article from The Guardian (click to read) recounts the speech of Neil Gaiman, an author the JVT Book Club recently read, on the value of libraries and instilling the love of reading in our children. It goes beyond a passioned plea for saving the good old paper book to demonstrating that a sustainable future for the planet relies on reading.  We have an obligation, many according to Gaiman, to read (fiction he would say) and to imagine a better planet and

“not leave our children with a world we’ve shortsightedly messed up, shortchanged, and crippled.”

What do you think?

Possibly Gaiman’s article could inspire other JVTers to start more book clubs – why not a reading club for kids or teens in the community?? If any new book clubs start up, do let me know so I can inform others through this site. Reading is a pleasure which is even more enjoyable when shared!

Newcomers always welcome to the current JVT Book Club. Just complete the form below: 


recent reading by the JVT Book Club

recent reading by the JVT Book Club


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