JVT Thief Caught !

I’ve been a little busy working on the launch of a new not-for-profit association to help young women get ahead in their professional lives. I’ll have more to report on that in a few weeks time as we have now submitted final documents for our license to operate. In the meantime, you may have already heard, but the strange thief who left an Infiniti car in the place of a less expensive vehicle has been apprehended by Dubai Police. The story doesn’t tell – but one has to wonder – did the Infiniti run out of gas or something? What possesses a robber to break into someone’s house, arriving in an expensive car to then leave with the family’s Peugeot? Odd.

But the real question is “when will Nakheel get around to turning JVT into a gated community?” as announced six months ago and posted on this very blog on 23rd August 2013. It’s radio silence on that, as with most things related to the master community. Stay tuned and stay safe while waiting !

Read related news articles here:  JVT family shocked and Man arrested for car theft


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