Homemade Truffles – right in JVT !

What better day than Easter to tell you about another JVT Resident with a small business making homemade chocolate truffles!

Kally is a freelance translator by profession but decided to follow her passion not long ago. She moved to Dubai in 2011 and found her way to JVT a year later. Just before moving in, she had started her business Kally’s Chocolate Truffles allowing her cooking skills and creative talents to come to the fore.

Her homemade truffles make the perfect gift. Her Facebook Page has enough photos to tempt you and make your mouth water. She’ll also make you all kinds of sweets, savoury pies and biscuits. She tells me she can deliver in JVT, maybe even further afield.

Kally’s Chocolate Truffles can be found by visiting her Facebook Page.

Phone number: 0503453180

Email address: kalliopiandreakou@gmail.com

Enjoy and Happy Easter!



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