Pesky insects bothering you?

If you’re having issues with flying insects, you’ll be glad to see this news below from Nakheel. Funny that they finally remark the poor landscaping. Let’s hope the poor blokes are taught how to garden or that Nakheel hires a new landscaping firm ! They don’t even seem to know that you must pull weeds out by the root lest they just continue to return and return and return…. Incredible, update to this story. As soon as I posted, I have noted another email from Nakheel announcing that a new maintenance and landscaping company has been appointed: Opal Landscaping. Can’t wait to see the improvements as of the 1st of June !

Notification to residents from Nakheel:

This is in regards to the complaints received from residents regarding flying insects in the Community. Please note that we have inspected different locations and confirmed that due to the poor trimming and maintaining the plantation around the Community, flying insects increased in big numbers.

We have instructed the Pest Control Service Provider to add treatment and control measures for this type of insects. Furthermore, we have instructed the current Landscaping Maintenance Service Provider to do the needful immediately. We are following up on that.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and disturbance caused.


Should you wish to discuss the matter further, kindly contact the Nakheel Call Center on 04 390 3333

Please note this blog is run by a concerned resident to keep the community informed. We are not Nakheel!


2 thoughts on “Pesky insects bothering you?

  1. I also complained few months ago about the poor landscaping and got the same reply that the landscaping company is changing. Few months later and I don’t see significant difference to the way our landscaping looks esp in comparison to newer communities like jumeirah park which seem better taken care of.


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