JVT- JP Access Gate 5 Temporary Closure

In case you haven’t heard, road problems ahead…. See below message from Nakheel to homeowners about upcoming Road Closure:

In an effort to improve the Community’s infrastructure, please be informed that the works to construct the permanent road link between Jumeirah Village Triangle and Jumeirah Park Access will start very soon. Therefore, the current road will be temporarily closed from the 16th of August, 2014 for an estimated period of 3-4 months.

Won’t make it easy for us to get to their new shopping centre !


8 thoughts on “JVT- JP Access Gate 5 Temporary Closure

  1. I now have to circle to Hessa St which is solid all the way in as I cannot take the other short cut as my car is to low! I guess Ill have to get a 4×4 now as I cannot be sat in traffic for 45 mins when it used to take me 15-20. 3-4 months??…I think I may be moving again soon as this is just another issue in a long line of issues.


    • This is indeed inconvenient, and I’m sure many residents share your views. At least we’ll have a beautiful ‘highway’ taking us to JPark when the work it done! I wish the tunnel that they seem to have started in J Park and looks like it might take us to Ibn Battuta would get finished 🙂 One thing we must admit is that the road infrastructure in this city is a cut above the rest of this entire region even though we may not appreciate the delays and the confusing road closures and changes. With a long-term view, it will give us better access roads, eventually. Good things come to those who wait !


  2. What a nightmare! We moved here a few weeks before the closure!
    I’m all for improvements, but they should provide alternatives, no?


    • Indeed, the a few days later Nakheel sent out this notice:
      “please be informed that an alternative access is now open, which is the road between JVT and Choitram in The Springs on temporary basis until the works on the Road between JVT and JP are completed”

      However, it was hardly worth posting. That is not a new access road or an alternative! It is the same horrible road that has always been there leading to Springs where you must choose to either drive through a ditch or take the gravel road full of potholes ruining the suspensions on your car!

      But, patience to us all and we’ll likely have a beautiful 4 lane highway connecting us once again through JV Park.


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