Gulf News reports about residents’ petition to Nakheel

If you haven’t heard about the petition spearheaded by a dynamic JVT resident that urges Nakheel to finally complete works in the community, read the recent Gulf News article below.

Indeed, many of the main complaints are about issues that have been festering for years now. Four years after delivery, residents still wait for simple road signs whose absence creates ridiculous challenges for taxis to find us, dinner deliveries to arrive and has even surely caused more than one friend to say ‘I’ll never come visit you again!’. The gated community that Nakheel promised owners has also never materialized causing a reported fear among residents of a rise in petty crime. While we nevertheless live a very safe life here in Dubai, it would certainly be greatly appreciated by all residents that Nakheel move into high gear for completing JVT !

At least, there has been a marked improvement in the work of the landscaping crew. Let’s hope for many more improvements very soon thanks to the petitioners !

Hundreds of Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) residents on Wednesday petitioned their developer, Nakheel, who, they claim, has “abandoned” them and left the community unsafe with many unfinished construction projects that are “accidents waiting to happen”. Read more…

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3 thoughts on “Gulf News reports about residents’ petition to Nakheel

  1. Great move! I also wish I knew about it.
    I saw green posts being laid out alongside Al Khalil road boundaries, could this be the first reaction from Nakheel?


  2. Hope this will put pressure on Nakheel to complete the pending issues in JVT. I recently moved to JVT and would like to thank you for this blog , its nice to have an update and participation on whats going in our community!!


  3. Great move Joe Batt !!
    Shame I did not know of the visit to Nakheel.
    I have written to Nakheel on number of occasion and did send them picture of the unfinished, lapidated unsafe development and the appalling state of landscaping.
    They had plenty of excuses, but no action.
    Thank you for taking this action. Let me know next time if you need my support


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