Sharing the good news

The UAE’s Happiness Minister just announced plans for a major survey that will measure the level of happiness of citizens, residents and tourists alike. We can only applaud this initiative and be utterly happy to live in one of only four countries on earth that now has a Happiness Minister!


In this light, I want to share a community story that made me feel happy today. Yesterday afternoon, my friend and I were stopped on the street by a gentleman in his car. He was rather upset and related to us that they lost two little dogs from their villa in District 8. They had quickly escaped when the front gate was opened and managed to disappear. A sad little girl was home lamenting her lost dogs while this gentleman was roaming the streets in his car on the look out.

Luckily, I informed him about the various community Facebook pages and especially, the JVT Pets page. He was unaware of our community website blog or the very active Facebook communities. I heard from him this morning that after posting a picture of the little pups, a fellow resident got quickly in touch to say they had collected the lost dogs!

A happy ending story for the dogs and the family as well as a heartwarming story about the strong community bond in JVT. Let’s all make an effort to share the good news and lament a bit less about those minor things that we find annoying 🙂


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