Are you the winner of the Fusion dinner? – if not, we can all win with the Ghaya Grand this holiday!

Lucky winner, Anas Moukayed takes the prize for dinner for four at the Fusion restaurant.

Congratulations to Anas who will enjoy a delightful meal at Fusion, the Ghaya Grand hotel’s theme night restaurant.

If you were not the fortunate one this time, there will surely be other opportunities to win a fantastic prize from the JVT Community site. In the meantime, I’d recommend giving the Ghaya Grand a try for dinner or sample their weekend brunch at Fusion. Why not enjoy poolside mocktails this Friday afternoon and take the opportunity to get rested up before the flurry of shopping and entertaining takes over.

Holidays are nearly upon us, lists are being drawn up by little ones and parents are planning for the festivities. It’s going to be easy to feel like a winner this holiday season thanks to the Ghaya Grand! They’ve got you covered with Turkey Takeaway at home so you can relax and enjoy the day.

If you prefer, you can opt for dining out in one of their restaurants to get the royal treatment. All the options can be found just below. Make your reservation now so you don’t miss out!

xmas-festive-feasts-pg1 xmas-festive-feasts-pg2



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