JVT resident volunteers in rural Uganda

Fellow residents, Ramadan Kareem!

I have been somewhat silent the last two months, my apologies.  Life has simple taken over and I’ve had a lot less free time  (which is what I use for writing this blog).

As you know, I like to feature JVT residents and this time you are in for a treat (I hope you’ll agree). I am sharing what yours truly does in her regular working hours aside from raising two kids, walking an energetic dog and trying to keep up with my husband”s fast paced life.

I have spent my time for the last sixteen months as a volunteer running a primary school program in Dubai for Surge which teaches kids about the global water crisis and to be mindful of their water footprint. A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to teach at Arcadia!


In April, I joined a volunteer trip to Uganda to teach young people about good hygiene and proper hand washing – vital for good health. My most vivid memory will surely always be meeting a young 9 year old girl called Monica. She took me to visit her home (a few mud huts) where she lives with her parents and nine other siblings. Girls like Monica miss out on school every day all and across Africa simply because they get sick from dirty hands and dirty water.


I was honored to be featured in this month’s Ramadan special of Al Bayan to talk about the importance of providing safe water and sanitation and educating our youth to be responsible global citizens.

Watch the video here. Enjoy!


One thought on “JVT resident volunteers in rural Uganda

  1. Hello,

    I’m a jvt resident and I wanted to say that I love your blog and please keep them coming. I also wanted to say that I have a 10months old boy that is full of energy and always wants to be entertained, im a working mom and I’m running out of ideas and places to take him especially in the summer, I was wondering if any mothers in the community with babies get together anywhere ? He loves being around other children and it definitely keeps him busy.
    Thanks for all your help


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