New Kids in Town

More and more is happening in JVT since the summer. Firstly, we’ve noticed alot more children walking to school in the neighborhood. Arcadia has tripled their enrollment which is exciting news. We’d like to welcome the many new residents in the Village to our vibrant community. With the start of this school year, we’ve also seen an increase in the number of kids activities on offer @sunmarke. No more excuses for inactive children spending hours on a gameboy with such a great after-school offering within walking distance from home!


AquaTots Class with Swimming Warrior

There are some new kids on the block when it comes to after-school activities in JVT. We are excited to report that JVTers can now enroll their kids in basketball classes with Hoops Academy, sign up for swim classes any day of the week with High Performance Swimming Club or Warrior Sports, learn some new dance moves with Shiamak Dance Factory or brush up on their language skills in French, Spanish or Russian with Headway Academy. Chess class is also of offer with Headway this year.

Are you looking for football classes? It might be a tough choice to choose between AC Milan or FC Barcelona after-school classes, but at least you can feel spoiled for choice with this large offer on daily and the weekends

If martial arts is your thing, look no further than JVT! We are glad to have back the experts at Budo Juku with Judo and Taekwondo classes and Gulf Star Sports offering Karate classes to round out a great array of physical activities here in the neighborhood. Rumor has it that New York Sports is also coming to JVT with some exciting classes.

Visit the Activities Page for full details and sign up your kids now! Some of the activities, such as swimming, are also on offer for adults! You can also get a daily view by checking out the Community Calendar.

Don’t forget that The Arcadia Experience is coming up soon. Sign up with the school for a fun morning on 7th October to learn more about the life and times of our neighborhood school. Also, I have heard that Arcadia is planning a fun Arts & Crafts Fair for the whole community on November 25th. Mark your agendas now! We will be sure to share with you the full scoop on the plans as soon as we learn more 🙂

As fellow residents, we hope you find it helpful that we collect and consolidate information about what’s happening in the community. If you have information to share about community groups or events, drop us a line!


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