Term Two offers even More to Do !

Can you believe that first term at school is over? I can’t ! It seems like we just settled back from the summer.

But, the great news is that more and more is happening right here in JVT. There are new classes on offer and I encourage you all to have a look at the community website page with all the after-school and weekend activities for kids and adults alike. Click here!

The latest addition to after school activities round up is drama classes on Mondays with Ds2dio at Arcadia Preparatory school. Makes me wish I was young again!

The 30×30 challenge is now half completed. I hope alot of villagers are getting in shape. There is an evening walking group that recently got going with the cooler weather. Why not join in! They are happy to welcome the four-legged friends as well. I understand that the Dubai Mums group also does nightly walks. So, there are plenty of ways to be active around the neighborhood.

Are your youngsters in need of an outlet for all their energy?  Why not try the new weekend soccer classes on offer by AC Milan Academy. Not only will your kids learn the skill of the game, they also gain many great life skills as the Milan Club promotes. Other football classes are on offer as well for any day of the week! See the schedule on our Activities Listing for the program of FCBEscola Dubai as well.

Are martial arts your thing?  Judo and Taekwondo classes are offered by Budo Juku at Sunmarke. Shotokan Karate is also on offer right here in JVT with expert Sensei and former UK champion, Alex Gardner. Hoops Basketball has also started new kids classes. Dribbling the ball couldn’t be more fun with the Hoops team!

If you dance to a different drummer, try out The Shiamak Dance Workshop on Tuesdays – Thursday for children, juniors and adults. Their classes are a great means of self expression and a fun way to expend a lot of energy.

Swim classes are on offer by two different clubs at the Sunmarke school. High Performance Swimming is also offering free adult swim for two more weeks during the 30×30 challenge. Don’t miss the opportunity to get some advice on your strokes. Or see what’s on offer with Warriors Swim Club.

You can also avail of chess club and language classes in French, Spanish and Russian from qualifed teachers are all available right here in JVT with Headway Institute.

Details of all the class offerings are posted on the website and community calendar.


PS – If you’ve got a home or group activity going that is not listed, get in touch! We are happy to mention any activities hosted by residents for free. Let’s get moving JVT!


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