Decoupage Dreams! Meet Nancy Neel.

Meet Nancy Neel – a budding artist living here in JVT.

She and a friend discovered a shared passion for arts and crafts and recently embarked on a home-based creative venture.ย They have an instagram page for their home business to share their creativity and artistic taste.

Prodded by her son, Nancy also started a YouTube channel to document the items she creates. Watch some of her videos to see exactly how she creates her pieces! You can see the application of decoupage on a ceramic plate or glass vase. Be inspired by how she has recycled an old lantern or decorated a candle with decoupage to make your own creations.

Nancy says she is motivated by her friends and family. “They encourage me on this path to create my own style which is influenced by my passion of art and crafts,” Nancy tells me. “I fell in love with applying decoupage on all types of surfaces, especially on ceramics.”

She explained to me that, at some point, she decided “to stop being only a consumer and start to be a productive person” as well. Our world would indeed be a better place with a little less consumerism and a lot more re-use or upcyling of products and materials to give them a second life.

If you’re interested in her work, get in touch by email ( or give her a ring onย 050-1008836 !


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