Resolved to get fit or train your brain? Do it in JVT!

Happy New Year JVT neighbors!

As we begin 2019, I’m guessing many of us have made the required New Year resolutions. If you’ve made a deal with yourself to get fit, make it easy on yourself and check out all the options in the neighborhood.

You can try Boot Camp with Juandre, pilates with Sara, yoga with Audrey, play tennis with a buddy or join a game of hoops with some neighbors. You can take adult swim classes with High Performance swim or adult Judo with Budo Juku on Saturdays. Why not get a group of friends together and start a Bollywood dance class with Shiamak??

The kids will not be left out either. Hamilton Aquatics has recently started swim classes at Arcadia and The Football Academy is there with a fun soccer club for the young ones. Karate, Judo and Taekwondo are also available right here in JVT.

Have you made the New Year goal to improve your levels of focus and concentration? In that case, get in touch with Brain Gain. Our neighbor living right here in JVT offers these amazing classes for kids and adults to improve your cognitive skills that can give you improved emotional control, better sleeping betters and help with memory. Maybe it’s time to get both mentally and physically fit to ensure an incredible year ahead!

For all these activities and more, consult the Activities Listing or the handy calendar to find classes in the neighborhood on a particular day.

Wishing you all a wonderful start to 2019!


PS – If you have something new to list, let me know!


Trick or Treating tonight in JVT – Here’s the list!

The list is long this year. Here are all the homes that welcome trick-or-treaters tonight! For an easy to print document, click here for the Halloween2018 – List

A6 District 1
A2 District 1
TH F7 District 2
C4 District 2
C19 District 2
E7 District 2
D7 District 2
F16 District 2
F15 District 2
B7 District 2
B48 District 3
TH B30 District 3
C7 District 3
A12 District 3
C8 District 3
TH B44 District 3
c27 District 4
F21 District 4
G5 District 4
E18 District 4
B1 District 4
D18 District 4
C13 District 4
TH C2 District 5
G10 District 5
C15 District 5
F25 District 5
TH G22 District 5
G8 District 5
G16 District 5
G10 District 5
E16 District 5
C23 District 5
C18 District 5
TH A22 District 6
C17 District 7
G8 District 7
B9 District 7
C15 District 7
E5 District 7
TH C8 District 7
G3 District 8
TH A9 District 8
Q8 District 8
H11 District 8
K7 District 8
K9 District 8
P7 District 8
TH H21 District 8
H11 District 8
TH O10 District 8
G12 District 8
TH A8 District 8
D1 District 8
N17 District 8
G3 District 8
G12 District 8
21H District 8
U5 District 8
T5 District 8
TH E41 District 9
TH E56 District 9
F19 District 9
O13 District 9
I27 District 9
I16 District 9
K23 District 9
L15 District 9
TH L18 District 9
M19 District 9
H18 District 9
M13 District 9
TH E31 District 9
H4 District 9
J17 District 9
I12 District 9
H3 District 9
I26 District 9
C1 District 9
TH K6 District 9
A9 District 9
TH H7 District 9
TH E25 District 9
TH E48 District 9
A11 District 9
TH E12 District 9
D2 District 9
G20 District 9
I28 District 9
TH L3 District 9
H22 District 9
H12 District 9
H22 District D9
C4 District 9
TH E31 District 9

Special Timings before 7.30pm only please:

L11 District 8
M19 District 9

Special thanks to Hannah Stonuary for compiling this year’s list.

Happy Halloween everyone!

woman wearing halloween costume

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Here’s the list – activities in JVT for young and old !

School’s in session once again and many parents are looking for activities to help their kids build new life skills – whether it’s team sport or their creative talents.

There’s lots on offer right here in JVT. No need to cart your kids all across Dubai.

And adults – don’t despair! There are plenty of ways to stay fit and meet others in the neighborhood while you’re at it.

Here’s a quick review of the best stuff (scroll down for the link to full contact details):

Brain Gain is offering to get your kids up to scratch and school ready. Their program aimed at kids ages 4 and 5 years old helps them to master new skills they need to be happy at school. For older kids or adults, Brain Gain can help with concentration and focus. Check out what they offer and quote the JVT website for a free assessment (worth 200aed) valid anytime this month.

Juandre Kruger, a Reps level 3 certified instructor, is offering Boot Camp everyday but Saturday. One hour classes early morning or evening at Sunmarke. No reason not to get fit!

Judo and Taekwondo classes are always a hit with the kids. Budo Juku has been offering classes for the last few years here in JVT and has a full schedule to suit any kid’s agenda! Adult training is also available 🙂

Young ones ages 3 – 6 can sign up for First Step Soccer happening every Saturday morning at Arcadia with The Football Academy.

Let’s get wet! Sign up for swim class with High Performance Swim Club. They have it all covered from baby swimmers to teens and adults. Is it time to have a pro help you perfect your strokes? Give them a shout!

Just like to walk – reach out to the Winter Walkers. At the weather cools down, they should be out and about a lot more.

Check out the FULL LIST OF ACTIVITIES and check back regularly for new postings.

The JVT Calendar lets you view activities by date.

If you’ve got plans to start any other activities, let us know so we can inform the neighborhood!

Enroll your budding entrepreneur in a fun-filled free workshop @Arcadia

Back by popular demand, Arcadia Preparatory school is hosting, once again, the children’s’ entrepreneurial workshop, 7 billion ideas.

The workshop is open to the community. Enroll your child (ages 5- 11) for free in this exciting activity being held on Saturday 28th April from 10am – 1pm.

Click here to sign up and secure your child’s spot now!

7BI_April 2018_Final-01

Click here to sign up now!

Our community soccer champs – Meet the team from AC Milan

Are you a soccer champ too?

I’ll admit – I’m not much of a sports buff. As I spend most days tied to my chair in front of a computer, I do try to be physically active once a day. Either a 30-minute walk or swim is my daily dose; that’s usually as much as I can fit into my schedule. I don’t care to watch others play sports either, but I do admire those who commit themselves to a sporting career. The great ones have such passion and drive. (I have that too, just for other things!)

Graziano Mannari – former professional player

I recently got the chance to meet one such individual. I sat down with Graziano Mannari, a former AC Milan player and Champions League winner, to learn that he and his team are working hard to activate our Villagers and get us and our kids moving! He is heading up the AC Milan Soccer School Dubai, one of 19 affiliated clubs worldwide. Overall, these clubs train some 9,000 children with 170 coaches across all continents. Graziano has been Head Coach at AC Milan Academies in Italy, Lithuania, Japan, Singapore and now Dubai. He has brought together a team of professional UEFA and AC Milan qualified coaches to work with kids in Dubai. It’s exciting to know that they have chosen JVT and Sunmarke school as one of their prime venues.


AC Milan Soccer School Dubai

At the AC Milan Academy, they focus on the growth and development of boys and girls aged 4 to 16 with their accredited program at Sunmarke school. Besides the training and skills development carried out according to the AC Milan Methodology, the club’s boys and girls participate in international and local leagues and tournaments, can attend training at AC Milan Youth HQ in Milan, overseen by AC Milan Staff and are invited to participate in the AC Milan Cup, AC Milan Clinic and the AC Milan Experience. Pretty cool stuff.

Giving Back

What I enjoyed most when chatting with Graziano was that he sees soccer as so much more than just a game. He and his team aim to not only teach kids to play soccer, and play well, but also to deliver important life skills. He believes deeply in using sport to promote good values and shape intelligent, caring individuals. He is a truly caring citizen. He’s also a hidden community angel, working with Dubai’s Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation to ensure that minor children who have lost one or both parents get the chance to participate in the AC Milan Soccer School Academy too.  It seems to me that Graziano is surely not in it for the money or the fame – he truly has the well-being of all children at heart. And this is what sets AC Milan Soccer School apart from the pack!

Sign up and join the fun!

If you’re interested to enroll your girls & boys with the AC Milan Soccer School Dubai, or maybe help organize a community soccer event, contact them by:
email: or Tel: 0562469100
Visit their website for more details.

Current Schedule at Sunmarke School:

  • Wednesday at 4.30-6pm
  • Friday at 4.30-6pm   and   6-7.30pm
  • Saturday at 9-10.30am   and   10.30am-12pm

Keep fit and keep your kids active this year – all in JVT !

With the arrival of the New Year, JVT has a number of new after school activities now available.

Ballet classes have started at Arcadia Preparatory school run by New York Sports Services on Saturday mornings for the little ones.

If dance is your thing, the Shiamak Super 7 is starting this week at Sunmarke school. The high energy classes will teach you 7 different styles in 8 classes. Bolly Jive, Bhangra Swag, Salsa Fusion, Gully Hip Hop, Theatre Contemporary, MJ Zinghat and Swag Jazz. Time to dust off your dancing shoes and get over to Sunmarke every Sunday and Tuesday. Who is going to join me? I’m giving this a try next Sunday night. Check out the JVT activities list for the class timings and details to register!

Our friends at Budo Juku have now started classes also in Arcadia so we have double the opportunities in 2018 to learn a new martial art! Try out Taekwondo, Judo, Karate or the Mixed Martial Arts class. I’m very tempted to try the MMA class myself. They teach both kids and adults. No excuses for the parents not to stay fit too!

Swimming is an excellent sport to get toned and work all the muscles in your body. Hanging out at the pool can also be a great way to make new friends! There are classes on every day between High Performance Swimming, Warrior Sport and now NYSS classes at Arcadia too. Visit the Activities Page or the JVT Calendar for all the details.

The Winter Walkers can also be spotted around JVT every Wednesday evening. Get in touch with them and join the band for some free physical activity.

Not so sporty? Why not enroll the kids in after school Chess Club or take a language lesson with Headway Institute. They have a whole lot of choices on offer.

If none of this sounds appealing, there are also tennis classes, basketball, aikido, drama classes, belly dancing, football, pilates, yoga or Zumba. All this as we wait for Nakheel to build and open the cycle path through JVT.

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Decoupage Dreams! Meet Nancy Neel.

Meet Nancy Neel – a budding artist living here in JVT.

She and a friend discovered a shared passion for arts and crafts and recently embarked on a home-based creative venture. They have an instagram page for their home business to share their creativity and artistic taste.

Prodded by her son, Nancy also started a YouTube channel to document the items she creates. Watch some of her videos to see exactly how she creates her pieces! You can see the application of decoupage on a ceramic plate or glass vase. Be inspired by how she has recycled an old lantern or decorated a candle with decoupage to make your own creations.

Nancy says she is motivated by her friends and family. “They encourage me on this path to create my own style which is influenced by my passion of art and crafts,” Nancy tells me. “I fell in love with applying decoupage on all types of surfaces, especially on ceramics.”

She explained to me that, at some point, she decided “to stop being only a consumer and start to be a productive person” as well. Our world would indeed be a better place with a little less consumerism and a lot more re-use or upcyling of products and materials to give them a second life.

If you’re interested in her work, get in touch by email ( or give her a ring on 050-1008836 !

After school classes in JVT. Let’s get moving!

It’s that time again – summer vacation is over and we are dressing children in their school uniforms. The regular routine is starting again. I expect many parents are thinking about how to keep their kids busy after school and expose them to new ideas and build new skills. Rest assured, once again there are a great number of fun activities to try right here in JVT thanks to an excellent line up at Sunmarke school. Kudos to Elaine Baille for her great line up of after school activities!



I am happy to share my favorites below for which you can find all the details on the JVT community website by clicking here! There are many more activities as well that are hosted by residents. You can find these by browsing the same Activities page.

Energy expending classes top my list as youngsters really need to get out some pent up energy before bed!  Why not try the new soccer classes on offer by FCBEscola or the AC Milan Academy. Not only will your kids learn the skill of the game, they also gain many great life skills by participating in an organized team sport.

For individual sports, Judo and Taekwondo are amazing ways to get fit, increase flexibility and build mental strength as well. Get in touch with our great friends at Budo Juku who are running classes again this year at Sunmarke.

Shotokan Karate is also on offer right here in JVT with expert Sensei and former UK champion, Alex Gardner. Karate is another great means of self-defense and teaches respect, builds self-esteem and fosters confidence. Here is a short article on the difference between the three disciplines. Visit the Gulf Star website for more info. 

If dancing is your thing, you are in luck! The Shiamak Dance Workshop is now starting in JVT on Tuesdays – Thursday for children, juniors and adults. Their classes are a great means of self expression and a fun way to expend a lot of energy. You might find me at their Bollywood dance class! Check out their website to know more.

And there’s more to come. Swim classes, chess club and language classes in French, Spanish and Russian from qualifed teachers are all available right here in JVT. Details will be posted on the JVT website in the coming days. You can also get take many different home exercise classes on offer by some local residents. Check out the listing to view all the options.

PS – If you’ve got a home or group activity going that is not listed, get in touch! We are happy to mention any activities hosted by residents for free. Let’s get moving JVT!