Crazy motorists living in JVT?

The Gulf News has recentely reported on the tendancy of JVT residents to jump the red lights. I have seen my share of poor driving and speeding in JVT. I am not defending this unacceptable behaviour. It is worrying when you have young children or risk yourself being struck down at a pedestrian cross walk.

However, I must also admit that when the traffic lights were first installed a few months ago, I didn’t realize that each of the four corners on several intersections have alternating green lights! Therefore, the cars facing you at the traffic light may continue straight while you are stuck in your car on the opposite side at a red light. They are not blowing the light, it’s actually green for them as it has a left turn green signal as well. So, before immediately jumping to conclusions and honking at that ‘bad’ driver, make sure they indeed have a red light!  (This photo from the article does not actually support the claim….)

Nevertheless, this dangerous practice should not be tolerated.

Read the journalist’s account here.


One thought on “Crazy motorists living in JVT?

  1. The traffic light pattern you describe in JVT is the standard in Dubai. It is not unique to JVT.
    In some countries, opposing traffic streams have simultaneous green lights because driving standards allow for drivers to make a safe right or left turn without endangering other road users.


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