Another supermarket in JVT

UPDATED: 1 Nov 2015

They now deliver! Call: 052 639 0595

As reported to me by a fellow resident, Siva, another new supermarket has opened one week ago in JVT. I went down to have a look. Posting some photos below for those who haven’t paid them a visit yet. Clearly, not nearly as posh as Milestone. I found the prices a little high. Although I haven’t compared, they seem to rival on the price point with Milestone without the gourmet, luxury cachet. I’m nevertheless delighted to have another option just down the street.  It will be interesting to see how they do.

new shop on the block

new shop on the block


What are your thoughts on the new shop?

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2 thoughts on “Another supermarket in JVT

  1. hi, i have visited both supermarket in JVT. the milestone is look luxury, but the TRIANGLE supermarket not high price to compare milestone and the JVT rent for the shop, and we can get all grocery items there..and very knowledge staff and have free delivery also..and it is open till i go for Triangle supermarket than milestone


  2. I went to Siva supermarket the other evening. I found the last remaining lebanese bread on the shelf but it was open! went to see the cashier and explain and they said “that’s the last one” …. told them it wasn’t hygienic to have it open (someone must have pinched a piece and left it open”.. Anyway told them I was off to spinneys where food hygiene was a lot better.


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