Security & Safety in JVT

It’s been some time since I’ve been able to post to the community. Have you all missed me?

I imagine that alot of you can understand how one get’s submerged with work or family duties. With the onset of summer I am eagerly awaiting what I feel is a well-deserved break from the routine! As Ramadam begins and the summer heat sets in, it’s time for us all to let up on the gas pedal, even if slightly, enjoy time with family and some days off. Before then, I want to get these recent community reports I’ve received out to all my followers in JVT.

The most recent news I’ve had about security and safety in JVT concerns the theft of motorcyles. It’s important we all stay vigilant and together we can ensure our community stays safe.

On June 9th, a fellow resident wrote to inform me that he had learned a motorcycle was stolen in JVT District 4, in the daytime. He had a direct experience a week before when a thief attempted to steal his bike and he awoke to find a broken lock. That same night, an attempt was also made to relieve his neighbor of his motorcycle that was chained up in his car port in District 9. Police and security were called but certainly a watchful community can also do alot to curb stealing. He’s also learned about the case of a stolen motorcylce in the Springs. This sounds like a repeat offender is about and we should all concern ourselves with theft to prevent such offences.

This concerned resident tells me that in the last year a few other items were taken from his yard including a garden hose and even a pair of old flip flops !

About two months ago, I had another message from a female resident. She’s a regular runner in JVT, for about three years now, in the early evenings or early on weekend mornings. She had started noticimg a suspicious white Nisssan Sunny that seemed to be following her about on a regular basis. The incidents were reported to security and she noted an increase of police presence after that. If others have noticed similiar concerns about their safety, make sure this is reported and unwanted visitors are kept out of our neighborhood.

Stay aware, be sure to question any suspicious characters lurking about and call the police to report anything out of the ordinary.

JVT Security can be reached at Al Jaber Coin Security Tel: 04 390 3333 Or Tel: 043759944


2 thoughts on “Security & Safety in JVT

  1. Hello
    I just want to request for cleaning and disinfect kids play area in jvt district 5 which is most crowded .that is help to kids be safe and far away from virus.


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