Nearby Fusion restaurant is a must try !

If you don’t know the Ghaya Grand, you should ! It is a five-star hotel located exactly 7 minutes from JVT making it a great place to enjoy the day poolside or a tuck into a nice evening meal. This week my husband and I were treated to an enjoyable and flavorful meal at Fusion to sample their brand new theme-night concept.

Be sure to read to the end for your chance to enjoy dinner for a family of four on the house!

Great place to take the family

Fusion is a remarkable dining option close to our neighborhood. It is a great place to take the family when you don’t have time to cook as it’s almost like being at home with your own personal chef. The food is impeccably fresh, the staff friendly and accommodating and there is plenty of variety to please any member of the family. I would describe the concept as a made-to-order buffet with live cooking stations. There are three cuisine stations – Asian, Indian and Italian – as well as a sushi counter, salad buffet and dessert selections. Each evening offers a different theme night so you will find, for example, on seafood nights that your fresh catch can be prepared Asian style, with an Indian flare or why not opt to top a pizza with some crustaceans!

When we visited, we started off with mocktails choosing a dragon fruit specialty that matched the Asia theme that evening as well as a lovely mojito. The combinations were both fresh and sophisticated.  I could well imagine spending an afternoon at the Ghaya Grand pool with a virgin mojito in hand. But, reverie aside, let’s get back to our dinner.

Fusion combines flavors effortlessly

We sampled almost all of the dishes and to not spoil the surprise for your own visit, I’ll elaborate on our favorites. At the salad station, the many unique bite size appetizer options were all appealing. It’s not often that you find such delectable little treats at a buffet. The minature broccoli pannacotta had the texture of a soufflé with an Asian twist.

At the Indian counter, my husband most enjoyed the mutton sheek kebab with mint sauce. This tasty treat was a real hit even although I could write volumes about the rich and creamy butter chicken, the fresh naan bread or the various curry dishes. The real thing to know is that Chef Anand hails from India and has been in the kitchen cooking since age 12!

At the Asian live cooking station, I was most impressed by the freshness of the vegetables. You can select your ingredients for a fresh noodle wok or ask the chef to whip up a portion of the two evening specialties. We enjoyed a steaming dish of vegetable rice noodles, fragrant and sweet. We also couldn’t resist having him make us a Kung Pao shrimp special. He gladly prepared mine with a bit less spice and it was a mouth watering treat. I was also delighted to see the special Peking duck trolley and couldn’t pass up the chance to savor a few yummy rolled pancakes with plum sauce. One of my all time favorites, I would say this came pretty close to the duck I’ve sampled in Beijing.

Ending our meal, I would also note positively the dessert selections. While we di2016-10-06_21-03-161d not find an overabundance of choices, the Opera cake was tasty and light, better than most desserts at the typical Dubai buffet where I find the wide selection generally heavy and overly sweet. I’d say Fusion has got it right in terms of quality over quantity.

The main negative for Fusion has got to be the lighting and the design. It was a real shame that the flamboyant Asian wok cooking, for example, was under dimmed lights. The flashy wall and ceiling designs can also be somewhat distracting from the overall experience. However, the wide variety of made-to-order, fresh and tasty selections will bring me back. I am eager to try seafood night next! Which night will you try?

If you’d like the chance to enjoy a meal at Fusion, click here to enter the competition for dinner for four.

All this month, Ghaya Grand Hotel is also offering readers of the JVT blog a very special deal:

*Buy 1 Get 1* offer for JVT residents.

Please note the following terms and conditions would apply:

–          Offer valid for 1 month, from the day of posting on 9 October 2016

–          Offer valid on Adults package

–          Includes food and water only

–          Email must be sent to in order to make a reservation for the advertised promotion.

–          Prior reservation would be recommended to avail of this offer.


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