Get the ‘Arcadia Experience’ this weekend and meet your JVT neighbors

Do you want to know what’s happening at Arcadia? This coming weekend you can find out first-hand. Teachers and administrators will be on hand this Saturday, 19th November from 9am – 12pm to take you around.

Get a tour of the beautiful facilities and sample their after-school offering as well this weekend. There is lots happening, particulary for the little tots, from gymnastics to music & movement classes. I loved Arcadia’s spring carnival in the park and surely this will be another great morning of fun!

Did you know that it’s also possible for community groups to rent out a space at the school? Find out more on Saturday.

By the way, today is the International Day of Tolerance. What better way to mark the day than putting this community event on your weekend calendar.  The best way to promote tolerance is getting to know others, learning about different cultures and embracing the fact that we are not all the same.

Let’s aim to make JVT the most welcoming community in Dubai!

Be sure to sign up to join the fun!


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